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Woozle Lacrosse gear pre-sale
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It’s A Woozle Party & You’re All Invited!

On Sunday night the Lax All Stars Facebook page hit 7,000 fans. The 7K mark was big milestone because it meant it was finally time for us to giveaway one of the coolest zip up hoodies ever made. Who made it, you ask? Pro Athletics of course!

Woozle Zip Hoody by Pro Athletics

To pick the winner of the most beautiful, voluptuous zip hoody in the world, we challenged our Facebook fans to write a lacrosse haiku.

Nearly 100 loyal fans took to the task and submitted their most creative laxy haikus imaginable. While there is only one hoody to be awarded, we didn’t want everyone to leave empty-handed. Below are a few of our favorites. If yours is included, email us for some sweet LAS goodies…

lacrosse is my game
FOGO is my position
teamwork is my life

Brandon Stevens

Lacrosse Allstars asks
that we shall lax strong and true
For Red white and blue

Thomas Overland

lacrosse means something
much deeper to me than most
it runs through my veins

Keegan Fry

And now, without further ado…

We present to you the winning haiku:

The sun beating down
Defenders swarming around
Despite the odds; goal

The winner of the Woozles lacrosse zip hoody by Pro Athletics is… Lance Stukaloff!
Lance, email us your mailing address!


But wait, there’s more…

Woozle Lacrosse gear pre-sale

We’re excited to announce a Woozles Apparel pre-sale!

The pre-sale ends January 25th. Your purchased items will be shipped to you by March 15th.

Hoodies, shooting shirts, socks, stickers, tanks…
and the never before seen DARTH WOOZLE SHORTS!

Darth Woozle Lacrosse Shorts by Pro Athletics

Darth Woozle Lacrosse Shorts by Pro Athletics