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helmet stickers

It’s Been Ages Since A Lacrosse Drop

The Lacrosse Drops have stopped dropping. Until now. They’ll redrop every once in a while so enjoy them while you can. We’re rationing. No we’re not. This isn’t the Oregon Trail. It’s Lax season.

The Lacrosse Drop was a thing of beauty while it lasted.  I would just unleash lacrosse hell on people and inundate them with 20 quick hitters all crammed into one post.  I doubt most people got all the way through them and it seemed like a waste of content at times.  But today I’m going back the Lacrosse Drop mentality.  I’m just feeling it.  On to the laxiness!

Michigan still the team to beat in the MCLA

The Wolverines had a scare in the rain against Oregon but came out with a win.  Can they continue their winning ways at Chapman?  UMich took care of business against LMU so all signs point to yes.  The advantage Michigan has to exploit against Chapman is the midfield.  Chaptown is looking a tad thin there, although they do have a couple studs.  I foresee a close game, and thanks to CollegeLax.TV, we’ll all be able to watch it online!  Well done, Sonny!  I don’t LOVE internet broadcasts but when they’re done well (and TV isn’t an option), they can more than suffice!

Men’s Division III NCAA Lacrosse

Know what you need to know.  Use the Laxpower forums and always trust the Forum Poll above all else.  Or just trust my poll. D3 lax is awesome, don’t doubt it. Lynchburg agrees. I literally could not be more excited to see the D3 Championship being played at night now.  7pm Sunday night on Memorial Day weekend?  Yes, please.  I will be exhausted from an awesome day and can’t wait to watch this game on tv, sitting on my couch, relaxing.  Heaven.

Should Oregon be a Top 25 Team?

412Lax certainly doesn’t think so.  And honestly, neither do I.  If they had won against Cal and Santa Clara, then they could be a top 15 team, even with the two losses. You can have “good losses” but only if you also have “good wins”.  But the fact is that they were winless when they were ranked.  Yes,  0-4.  Do I think they are probably one of the 2o best teams in the country?  Yes.  Had they proved it?  No.  Am I blaming Oregon? No, they didn’t create the poll.  I’m blaming MCLA coaches.  That’s just lazy polling.  Or something more nefarious is going on.  But I’ll stick with straight up lazy.  Time to move on? 100%.  But that also means the MCLA Coaches need to do their homework.  Otherwise the Poll is a total joke.

CityLax Fundraiser and YOU could go!  Pretty cool…

CityLax promotes the game of lacrosse to NYC Public Schools and to underserved communities.  In order to keep on giving back and growing the game, CityLax holds a fundraiser gala every year and YOU could go!  Very cool stuff. Inside Lacrosse had a great little story on some of the recent success CityLax has seen.  The event registration for the CityLax Gala is still open. Guys Cameo in Video

My boys over at were paid a little visit by some talented videographer friends of theirs and after some drinks, snowboarding and general tomfoolery, a video was made.  Love the background song and I might have to visit these guys next Winter to get some of that pristine Western snow action!

My West Coast Trip from Norbert Bielan on Vimeo.

Wait, you’re NOT getting Team Thuggies?

Well, that’s a shame.  I would wear one of these on my couch as I blog all day, no question.

Nike Gloves big with DIII Schools?

Sure seems like it!  Wesleyan is wearing them (I got a pair.  They are pretty sick!) and now Gettysburg has got them as well.  Know any other D3 schools rocking the swoosh in 2011?  You can catch Gburg and Salisbury on TV too. Pretty cool extra info!

NFL Lockout Looms at midnight

What could an NFL Lockout mean for Lacrosse?  Lots of stuff, or nothing.  But some interesting thoughts if I do say so myself.  Couple of really great comments as well.

What’s Up with THAT, NLL?

Calgary is threatening to fold, Rochester’s attendance numbers are not flourishing as they once were. Is the NLL destined to be an 8 team league in 2012?  The answer is I have no idea whatsoever.  But the Laxist might.  Maybe.  Personally, I think everyone will be somewhat surprised by what ends up happening.  That’s my prediction.  We’ll all be surprised.  Ground Breaker right there.  Maybe they need more cowbell, or more Connor Martin.

Helmet Collage

I added Indiana visor and backpanel stickers to my Cascade Cpro7.  I think it could use more stickers.  What do you think?

helmet stickers
helmet stickers
helmet stickers lacrosse
showing off my backside.
helmet stickers lacrosse
Cardinal Communities right side.
helmet stickers lacrosse
Top sticker is key.
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