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LXM PRO heads to Laxsonville, FLA

The LXM PRO Lacrosse Tour is headed to FLA.  Tomorrow (Saturday, October 16th) will see Jacksonville taken over by all things lacrosse.  The pro player clinics start at 11am and run until at least 3pm.  The LXM Pro game itself will start around 6pm and features a ton of recognizable names, former All-Americans and even a couple of former NCAA players of the year!

The vast majority of the talent on the LXM PRO 904 Roster comes from schools like Virginia, Maryland, Hopkins and Syracuse, but there are also 3 former NCAA Division 3 players in Brian Kelly (Whittier), Mike Von Kamecke (Salisbury) and Ryan Cranston (Lynchburg).  Rumor has it that at the last LXM event, Cranston hit 113mph on the speed gun with his shot.  If true, not bad for a D3 guy!  Not bad for any guy, actually.

Ryan Cranston (#35) back in his San Francisco Dragons days in the MLL.

As a biased Division Three fan, I LOVE that three boys are actually playing but I find it a little shocking that LXM doesn’t have a single NESCAC or Centennial player on the team, but maybe they’ll ask a guy like Spike Malangone (former Wesleyan All-American and 2009 D3 Dman of the year) or Centennial Conference alum Tommy Kehoe (former Gettysburg All-American LSM and 2009 D3 NCAA PotY) to play some D in the future.

Max Ritz takes it to the hopper. Loved the black and yellow uniforms. LXM’s best set yet.

Jacksonville is definitely not the pro lacrosse hotbed that Denver or Boston is and it is unknown if the city could successfully host a permanent pro team, but this weekend should be a success.  The game is growing rapidly in Florida and don’t forget that Jacksonville has a D1 NCAA team so people down there are already getting accustomed to higher level lax.  I’ve also heard more twitter buzz about people planning on attending the event than any of the other ones, excepting the original tour stop in California.

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