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Dave Zoni Brookdale lacrosse
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It’s Never Too Late To Live The Dream: New Jersey Community College Laxing

Dave Zoni was a High School All-American Lacrosse player but gave up the dream of playing in college when he took over the family business.  Now 39, he’s giving it one more go at Brookdale Community College, where he can still put the biscuit in the basket with the best of them.  If I had college eligibility left I’d be doing this in heartbeat.  Nice job, Dave!  And a big thanks to reader David Liss for alerting us!

This is just pure gold.  GREAT video by!  And here is a story from about Dave Zoni. Also great.  Yes, this video has posted in other places, but it’s pretty legit so we’re putting it up too.  Deal with it, Al Gore.

Dave Zoni Brookdale lacrosse
Zoni putting the jersey on a couple more times!