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laxallstars in tahoe
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It’s Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament Time!

UPDATE #2: is now 1-1 after suffering a loss at the hands of West Coast behemoths Dub C, who were the beneficiaries of a ridiculous goal via dive shot. Dub C pulled away in the 2nd half after LAS was given a 5, yes 5 minute, non-releasable penalty. Oops. Dub C was a talented team with classy players! Thanks for a good one, fellas!

Lax Car thanks to James Tupper!

In other teams we know action, the Salt Shakerz started off strong with a win over Old Gaels, 7-2, but then lost to another one of our friends, the Scallywags in what I’m betting was a physical game. The Shakerz are making up for it by playing horseshoes:

That’s 1, right?

Now it’s time to socialize, rest up, eat, be merry, etc, etc. More photos, probably of the game variety, to come soon!

tahoe lacrosse vibe
A loss always stings, but we’ll bounce back!

UPDATE: is 1-0 with a big win over Golden Gate. With the game tied at 7 goals apiece, and in overtime, Brandon Bertone wins the face off, takes it down the field, puts the team on his back, and scores around the world.

We interview the man, the myth, the legend… the CEO of fun:

Next up for LAS is perennial power Dub C! Should be a serious test of our squad’s mettle! Fun times ahead! Thanks to Golden Gate for a super tight game!

laxallstars in tahoe
Let the Games Begin!
team las tahoe 2012
One win under our belts.
free beer tahoe lax
Once again, the beer truck is popular.
free beer tahoe lax
You know how it is… #GTG.
tahoe dawgs
The Tahoe Dawgs LC
ducks jersey
A Ducks jersey.
scores from Tahoe 2012 Day 1
Scores from Day 1 of Tahoe 2012 so far…

Original Post: Near the end of July, the Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament takes over Incline Village on Lake Tahoe in Nevada, right along the California border. The tourney is a long-running, well-attended event, and it is filled with talent on the field and on the sidelines.

lake tahoe
Certifiable Beauty.

College and club helmets come from all over the country for Tahoe, and it’s commonplace to see NESCAC, MCLA, NCAA D1 and box lids all on the same field, along with a smattering of men’s club team lids.

The diversity, and overall high level of talent, for the players in attendance makes Tahoe a truly special place. Throw in a beautiful lake and a ski village style nightlife, and Tahoe is definitely a tournament worth checking out!

There are big green things everywhere!

Usually, we go out and play with the Woozles, but so many original Wooz members were either getting married, going to see someone else get married, having babies, or doing something else responsible and grown-upy, that we decided to run the team for the Summer and go with a LaxAllStars squad. Filling holes left by some stalwarts is always a challenge, but the newcomers will still be welcomed by a wily group of veterans:

Yes, we own a time machine.

We got hooked up with these sweet uniforms courtesy of Enigma Apparel, and pulled in players from a multitude of sources. It’s possible that we willll struggle a bit early on with all these new faces, especially when you factor in some of our competition, but that won’t detract from us having a good time, playing hard and giving it our best shot!

laxallstars lacrosse uniforms by enigma apparel
Yup, they’re killer.

If you’re at the Tahoe Tourney this weekend, stop by and say hello! We’re always excited to meet readers and commenters face to face, and who knows… maybe you’ll even make it up on!

hi dave ogle
Hi, Dave!
pita pocket lacrosse
I’ll take that on a Pita, thanks.
Lots of traditional, some women’s sticks and a matte black cascade.
tahoe grub
Some of the crew gettin’ good eats in Tahoe.

It’s almost game time, I can feel it in my lax bones.

Got a great video, photo, or even story from Tahoe 2012? Send it on in and we’ll add it to the post!