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Ivy League Athletics Cancels Remainder Of Spring Seasons

Ivy League Athletics has canceled the remainder of its spring athletics practice and competition through the remainder of the academic year.

Amherst became the first university to officially cancel or postpone its spring sports yesterday, affecting all spring sports including men and women’s lacrosse.

It is up to the individual institution to decide whether or not to cancel the remainder of its winter athletics seasons. Ivy League sports for the spring season will no longer compete, and it is unclear whether those seasons will be reinstated. The language of the statement suggests that this move could be final.

Several Ivy League schools have canceled on-campus classes, with classes being held virtually during the rest of the semester.

With further developments in the outbreak of COVID-19, the Ivy League Presidents are announcing their unanimous decision to cancel all spring athletics practice and competition through the remainder of the academic year.

Ivy League Athletics Statement

The move comes in wake of the threat of the spread of the coronavirus, which according to the UN has had over 110,000 reported cases with over 3,800 deaths at the time of the release from the UN.

Accurately and effectively testing for the virus has been an issue in the United States, and it remains to be seen the full effect of what the response will be from not only colleges and universities, but government and other organizations.

Both the men’s and women’s Ivy League lacrosse seasons are canceled unless there are changes made to the current announcement.

More information on the Ivy League sports and Ivy League lacrosse situation and the entire situation of college athletics will be updated when it becomes available.