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IYFLaxCast – May Lacrosse Is Almost Upon Us!

May lacrosse is almost upon us, and that means conference tournaments, selection drama, and then one heck of an NCAA D1 men’s tournament. Ryan Danehy and Andy Towers are excited, and you should be too!

This week, the guys break down five of the biggest men’s D1 lacrosse contests, name their coaches (and players!) of the week, and then finish off with the growing legend that it #AskTowers. If you have a question for Andy Towers, he will likely answer it, and it will be hysterical. 60% of the time it works all the time.

May Lacrosse – ALMOST!

If you enjoyed this In Your Face LaxCast (of course you did!), check out older episodes on LAS, or on SoundCloud, OR on iTunes. No matter how you listen, we have you covered!

A recent episode of note was when Christian Swezey came on the show!

You’ll want to listen in to Lars Tiffany and Andy Shay. Both coaches talk about their game and their opponent, but most importantly, they talk their programs, and how they achieve success. It’s a must listen for college coaches, D1 recruits, and parents everywhere.

The recent conversations with LaxFilmRoom and Ty Xanders were both really interesting episodes, and definitely worth checking out. The conversation with Peter Dante was also superb! That episode was priceless. And Towers and Danehy delivered some really passionate opinion on the Chris Bates/Princeton situation.

You can ALWAYS interact with Ryan Danehy and Andy Towers on Twitter, via @RPDLacrosse (Danehy) and @LacrosseDraws (Towers). You can also interact with the LaxCast itself, by hollering @InYourFaceLax. So many ways to reach these guys, so #AskTowers, and get involved!

The guys WILL respond, so be ready for it.

You also want to check out Ryan Flanagan’s 1on1 Series, where he talks to pros about… lacrosse! So far, Ryan has spoken with Marcus Holman, Scott Rodgers, Tom Schreiber, and now… Tucker Durkin!

LAS has TONS of good stuff this week for your earbuds, so listen in, maximize your comfort, and keep it classy. It’s a lot to keep straight, but you’re smart guys, we’re sure you will figure it out. Right? Right.