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LXM PRO Helmet Giveaway
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LXM PRO 805 Preview & LXM Helmet Giveaway

Today we’re previewing the final LXM PRO game of season, and to spice things up a little bit, we’re running a helmet giveaway contest with Cascade Lacrosse (Cascade is a proud LAS partner). We’ll get to the helmet giveaway at the bottom of the story, but make sure you read the entire preview because picking a WINNER is what this contest is all about!

At this point in the season, Team STX leads the series over Maverik United, 7-3. The games have been tight and hard fought, but STX has clearly emerged as the top dog on the field. This weekend’s match up outside of Los Angeles (Agoura Hills, CA) will be the final test for Maverik – can they finish off the season on a high note? It’s all about pride, really. I think people always remember who wins the last the game of the season, so this game has strong meaning for both teams regardless of overall record.

Team STX

Team STX will only carry 16 guys on their roster for this game, and if their goalie Matt Russell goes down, we know who will fill in. Tim Desko is out, and so is Davey Emala. With a lighter roster, guys like Kyle Harrison and Sam Bradman could be forced to play more defense, but mainstay d-mids Greg Peyser and Benson Irwin certainly make that less of a concern.

I also like the recent additions of the Yale players for STX. I think they will continue to get boosts from guys like Chad Costello and Matt Miller. Look for Geoff Worley (UVM) to take a bigger role at times as well, especially when he gets a shorty on the wing.

Maverik United

Maverik United will suit up 18 lacrosse all stars this go around. Shamel Bratton has been the backbone of the MavU midfield. It’s also conceivable that they could run a midfield FULL of NESCAC players.

Kit Smith (Bowdoin), Ian Deveua (Colby), and Whit McCarthy (Colby) are all playing for Maverik in this game, and I think Smith has the potential to make some things happen. Seeing as Grahamn Gill is not playing, he may have to!

Johnny Rodriguez is surrounded by a defense he knows well, and if they are really going to close out a game this year, the time is now. Look for Hamilton Pollard to throw at least one check you’ve never seen before, and expect Erik Krum to make a serious push for the scoring title in this one. He’s only one off the lead.

LXM Scoring Champ

Sam Bradman currently sits atop the podium with 35 goals, but the race isn’t over yet. Erik Krum is just one goal back at 34, so its going to be between those two. Three players sit at 23 goals apiece (Christmas, Shamel Bratton, Baum), so there is also a race of sorts for third place. That’s a thing, right? Third place scoring champ? If it were me, I’d count it.

Over in helper land, both Johnny Christmas and Billy Bitter have chipped in 16 assists each. Peter Baum is just behind them with 14 apples. Kyle Harrison has 10, and Shamel Bratton has 9. Can you guess where we’re going next with this?

Penalty minutes! No, just kidding. It’s time to take a look at overall point leaders. The total package. The Ultimate glory!

I actually don’t know how many assists Bradman has, but it’s less than seven. Krum is in the same boat at 5 or less. We’ll say they are around 37 or 38 points (although Bradman could be at 41). Peter Baum is right there with them at 37 points exactly. Johnny Christmas looks to be leading the way right now with 39 points, meanwhile Shamel has 31. So does Billy Bitter. Max Ritz has 26 points. Kyle Harrison is at 25 points. Xander Ritz is at 23 points. It looks like it’s going to be a battle between Christmas, Bradman, Baum, and Krum for the total point title right now.

Are you surprised by any of the above point totals?

Most Recent Game Result

January 18th – San Diego – STX wins 16-15

Check out Mark Donahue’s recap for more on that one, and to see who’s playing well right now.

My Prediction for this Weekend

Why would I give you my prediction when the whole contest below revolves around YOU coming up with your own?! That’s why we put together all the info above… so you can make an informed call here and possibly win a tricked out LXM PRO lacrosse helmet too. Check out the info below and enter to win!

LXM PRO Helmet Giveaway

To enter to win, please sign in to LAS and submit your predictions for the following in the comments section below.

1) Who will win Saturday’s game? (Maverik United or Team STX)
Important Note: If you pick Team STX to win the game and you end up being the contest winner, you’ll receive a Team STX helmet. If you pick Maverik to win and you’re our contest winner, you’ll get a Maverik United helmet. The choice is yours, so make it now. (No switching later!)

2) What will the final score be at the end of the game? (e.g. 20-18)

3) Which LXM PRO player will be the scoring champ this year? (e.g. Tom Garvey)

4) How many total points will the scoring champ finish with? (e.g. 43 points)

The game winner and score prediction will be used to zero in on our winner. If there are multiple people with the correct team and score, we will use the scoring champ questions as the tie breaker. If that doesn’t solve the situation (e.g. all the winners pick Krum!), we will randomly pick a winner from the pool of finalists… but I doubt that will happen.


Have fun, make a smart pick, and if you NAIL it, a BRAND NEW LXM PRO Cascade Lacrosse helmet could be yours!