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jared bernhardt ot game winner maryland
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Jared Bernhardt OT Game Winner: Film Breakdown

Maryland’s No. 1 Jared Bernhardt had the OT game winner in their NCAA Men’s Division I lacrosse matchup against Ohio State, which was a beautiful example of a proper dive.

Here’s how Jared Bernhardt sealed the victory for Maryland with the OT game winner:

1. Bernhardt runs his defender through a pick

2. The defender sinks underneath giving Bernhardt some space

3. Some miscommunication on the D, with Bernhardt’s defender stepping under the pick and the other defender hedging (kind of).

4. Since the second defender didn’t actually slide Bernhardt is headed full speed ahead to the cage.

5. With his momentum carrying him toward the goalie he dives across and away from the goal mouth, increasing his angle on the goal, and allowing him to score an important Big Ten game-winner.