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JD Harkey
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JD Harkey Takes Us Inside an MCLA Program

JD Harkey is the head coach of the MCLA’s University of South Carolina squad. This week, we had a chance to speak with him about the MCLA, playing at UMBC, and much more.

JD Harkey is (kind of) fresh off a national championship season with the Gamecocks. Earning supremacy in 2019 means they are still technically the reigning national champions, even though he doesn’t like to think of it that way. A UMBC grad who played under legendary coach Don Zimmerman, Harkey knows what it takes to build and maintain a high-caliber program, and I have no doubt USC will do the same.

USC is known for some elite game day kits

Last Week

Well known in the lacrosse world as a defensive guru and elite recruiter, Gerry Byrne more than ready to right the ship.

The Harvard men’s lacrosse head coach spent the better part of two decades molding some of the nation’s top defenses at Notre Dame. I don’t know if he has a green thumb, but his fingerprints are all over the PLL Redwoods and its defensive identity.

But why Harvard, and why now? Gerry Byrne always seemed to be a candidate for any high profile job over the past decade, but a combination of things kept him in South Bend. Now that all of the Byrne children are post-university, it made the most sense to pursue a head coaching position, and what better place to start than at Harvard?

Check out Byrne’s appearance on the Going Offsides podcast:


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