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Jeff Shattler Saskatchewan Rush Calgary Roughnecks NLL 2018
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Jeff Shattler Wrap Up – A Collection of Content

Jeff Shattler has been featured prominently on Lax All Stars this last month, so we’re putting all that content in one place for you to easily navigate and digest. We went deep with the two-time NLL champion and former NLL MVP, and we want the lacrosse community to be able to find it all together neatly and nicely.

Welcome to Jeff Shattler Week

We put together an intro to Shattler so those who don’t know or aren’t super well acquainted with who the Saskatchewan Rush player is and what he has done can be informed before diving deep into him. Learn more about the NLL veteran here.

I’m Glad I Found My Lacrosse & Hope All Kids Do, Too

Jeff Shattler Glad I Found My Lac rosse

Shattler penned an ode to lacrosse, but more importantly, to what he found in lacrosse. The sport gave him something to do, something to be, and a purpose in his young life. It has been instrumental in developing him into a man, a husband and a father.

“All kids need their lacrosse. I’m lucky I found mine.”

Jeff Shattler Custom Shaft Wows Two-Time NLL Champ

jeff shattler custom shafts

Shattler teamed up with MSNLazer to create a custom wood shaft that fit the player’s exact needs. The NLL star couldn’t believe what he was holding when he finally got it in his hands. And as an added bonus, it gave him plenty of nostalgia.

“I love the style of it, and that it’s a wooden stick. It brings me back to when it all started.”

Shattler Lacrosse Academy Could Develop Next Great First Nations Talent

Jeff Shattler would love for the Shattler Lacrosse Academy to develop the next great First Nations talent through its Aboriginal Program.

Shattler does what he can to help young laxers with his Shattler Lacrosse Academy, and one of its crowned jewels is its Aboriginal Program. Shattler is the all-time leading scorer among aboriginal box players, but he knows that won’t last forever. It could be one of his underlings who surpasses him.

“I couldn’t be prouder is one of my students surpassed me,” he explained. “It would just mean they set a goal and followed through with it. I try to tell my athletes to set goals on and off the floor.

“I’d be a proud coach.”

Ojibwe-Inuit Jeff Shattler Finds Great Pride Wearing Iroquois Nationals Jersey

Objibwe-Inuit Jeff Shattler Has Great Pride Wearing Iroquois Nationals Jersey

When Shattler won NLL MVP in 2011, it caught a lot of attention. He was invited to join Team Canada for that year’s World Indoor Lacrosse Championships, but after speaking with his grandmother, he turned it down in favor of the Iroquois Nationals. This is the story of how it became one of his best decisions.

“I’m proud to be of aboriginal descent, and that’s where I belong. I switched from Canada to Iroquois, and I’m glad I did.”

Jeff Shattler & The Power of Adaptation

Jeff Shattler Saskatchewan Rush Buffalo Bandits NLL 2018 Lessons Learned
Photo: NLL

Growing up, Shattler was never a gear hound. In fact, he cared so little about what equipment he used, for a while he would use sticks straight out of the bag or play with whatever a friend gave him while warming up. This is just one way in which the two-time NLL victor has taught himself to adapt, which has come especially handy in this pandemic.

“I grew up in a really big family, so you have to adapt to what you’ve got, and I learned that at a very young age. It didn’t matter. It really didn’t matter. I didn’t discriminate against anything. I’d use anything as long as it worked.

“You adapt to what you use.”

2018 NLL Cup MVP – Jeff Shattler Cements His Legacy

Jeff Shattler was named 2018 NLL Cup MVP after his four goals in Game 3 of the Cup series against the Rochester Knighthawks were crucial in securing a second championship for the Rush. It was his second time winning the league’s title, and it helped further cement his legacy as a lacrosse legend.

“I’ve been waiting for this feeling for a while. We worked hard all season and we deserve it. We played well in front of this great crowd. I love playing in front of this crowd – the best fans in the league.”

Jeff Shattler Shares Secret to Sanity: Snowboarding

Jeff Shattler is a two-time NLL MVP, but his favorite sport isn't lacrosse - it's snowboarding. Only on the slopes does he feel truly free.
Photo courtesy of Jeff Shattler.

Every year on his December 26 birthday, Shattler scales the slopes and snowboards by himself, basking in the peace and tranquility of shredding the mountain in solitude. The sport is his favorite, even before lacrosse, and it’s vital to his mental health.

“It goes snowboarding, lacrosse, hockey for me. Lacrosse has always been a passion, but snowboarding is my favorite sport in the world.”