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Professional lacrosse player Jerry Ragonese joins the Going Offsides podcast this week to discuss the MLL grind, his work in lax and more.
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Jerry Ragonese Carves His Own Path – Going Offsides

Jerry Ragonese is a professional lacrosse player and commonly known as a face-off guru, but he’s so much more than that.

Jerry Ragonese Joins Going Offsides

RIT and Pro Athletics

After giving up playing his Game Boy in baseball dugouts, Jerry found lacrosse. His passion for the game led him to RIT, one of the more prestigious small universities in the world. While at RIT, he developed relationships and was able to start what we now know as Pro Athletics.

MLL Grind

After college, Jerry knew he had intentions of playing professional lacrosse. To help achieve this goal, he reached out to faceoff and lacrosse personality Greg Gurenlian for guidance and training. This relationship, and a lot of hard work, helped Jerry land a spot on the Rochester Rattlers. Throughout our podcast, we heard many stories of the MLL grind: flights missed, floors slept on, and gameday snubs.

PLL and Future of Pro Lacrosse

I’ve interviewed quite a few former MLL players now in the PLL, but few have been so careful to discuss the importance of the MLL on the game we have today. Jerry is no MLL defender, as he’s quick to point out what the league lacked and how the PLL exposed those things rather quickly.

Faceoff Academy

Looking for the back story on how the FOA was founded? We’ve got that, too. Let’s train faceoffs, but lets do it better than anyone has done it so far. Who can help us do it? This is the conversation Jerry and Chris Mattes had during the early days before bringing on Greg Gurenlian. Today, the three run the extremely successful and innovative company together.

Take a listen and follow

Listen to this week’s episode below or wherever you consume your podcasts. You can also follow Jerry Ragonese’s journey on Twitter and Instagram. Support his companies: Pro Athletics and The Faceoff Academy, and read Jerry’s athlete spotlight to learn more about him and his journey.