Colorado mammoth helmet
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John Grant Jr Makes SportsCenter Top 10

If you’re new to lacrosse or just unfamiliar with the collective works of John Grant Jr., allow me to explain something for you before you watch this clip…

When you defend John Grant Jr., your presence is largely inconsequential. Junior’s going to shoot when Junior wants to shoot, and you’re just going to have to deal with it. As a matter of fact, you’re not even really “defending” him; you’re just hanging out with him until he says, “hey, watch this” and your goalie rakes the ball out of the cage.

With that in mind, check out one of Junior’s six goals from Friday night’s game against the Philadelphia Wings, featured as #2 on SportsCenter’s top 10:

It’s always great to see some lacrosse cracking the SportsCenter countdown, so enjoy it while you can. In two weeks, shots like this will be replaced by mediocre double plays and ultimately meaningless home runs you’ll see at least twenty times a week. That’s right friends, baseball is coming.

Colorado mammoth helmet
Should this have been play #1? Probably!