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hopkins scoreboard homewood field
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Johns Hopkins’ Homewood Field Gets A Facelift

hopkins scoreboard homewood field

Johns Hopkins’ Homewood Field is easily one of the most historic and amazing venues in lacrosse. Even the most die-hard Syracuse Orange fans will begrudgingly admit that there is magic at Homewood.

hopkins homewood field stadium
If those clouds are any indication, Hopkins will be back with a vengeance in 2013.
hopkins homewood field stadium
Dorm rooms overlooking Homewood. I'd love to live there!

However, as more and more NCAA Division 1 schools renovate and upgrade their facilities, Johns Hopkins has to keep up and match feet. That’s exactly what they’re doing with the new Cordish Lacrosse Center.

cordish lacrosse center hopkins
How would you like to watch a game from that balcony?

Named in honor of lead donor David Cordish, a 1960 Johns Hopkins graduate and a three-year member of the Blue Jay lacrosse team, the 10 million dollar facility will be open for business by next Spring. Supporting both the men’s and women’s lacrosse programs, the Cordish Lacrosse Center will include the following:

  • Locker rooms for both the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams
  • Office space overlooking Homewood Field for the men’s and women’s coaching staffs
  • 50-person theatre
  • Conference room
  • Academic center
  • Training room
  • Indoor reception area on the second floor that leads to an outdoor patio for game-viewing
  • Field-level entry serving as a museum documenting the history of both programs with display cases, historical photos and more

For more information on the 10 million dollar facility, click here.

cordish lacrosse center hopkins_2

The Blue Jays didn’t go over the top, but the Cordish Lacrosse Center certainly looks nice and puts Hop right back at the top in terms of overall facilities! The Center seems like a seamless addition to Homewood, sure to maintain the traditional game day vibe. The place is still classic… just a little bigger and fancier now!

Take what’s old and make it new all over again. Looking good, Hop.