Jookt Special: Inside The MLL All-Star Party


The 2009 MLL ALL-STAR GAME is tonight at 10PM ET on ESPN2 and the theme is “Old School VS. Young Guns”. But before we start predicting scores, let’s take a look at some behind-the-scenes action from the MLL All-Star Party at Denver’s Hard Rock Cafe., an online high school sports video network based out of Denver, took us inside the party and interviewed a handful of players about what it’s like to be big-time laxers. The general consensus? These guys are just in for the money, cash, girls.

No, not really, but they did have some good stuff to say, and some advice that most aspiring lacrosse players can take to heart. Check it out:

Here’s Wheniwasakid‘s take:

I was at a kicking bar drinking BLs when all of a sudden an MLL All-Star game broke out!

That is certainly the feeling you get from the Jookt video embedded in the post and if you weren’t convinced by the lovely lady covering the event maybe Jesse Schwartzmann’s, “It’s the lifestyle, the girls and money” quotation about why he plays pro lax, will do the job.

Lax players have long been regarded as the party animals of college sports and that reputation has followedthesporton to the big leagues.Laxers play hard and party hard and it shows on and offthe field withthe sweet lax flow, sick moves and irresistable attitude.

The atmosphere in Denver will be electric. The Outlaws have been drawing great crowds lately and the All-Star game will be no exception. It is hard to imagine a better Thursday evening in Denver than going out to a pro lax all-star game while kicking back a couple tasty adult beverages. If you’re underage [as many of the MLL fans are] then the chance to see some ridiculous lacrosse action featuring the top names in the game should be more than enough draw.

The game will be on ESPN2 and should be really fun to watch. Expect the defense to be a LITTLE less hack-filled and physicalthan usual and expect the scoring to be high, HIGH, HIGH! I am willing to bet that the teams will combine to score at LEAST 36 goals in this one, maybe they’ll even break 40 and I also expect that Toronto goalie, Brett Queener, will have at LEAST one or two points and to create some exciting odd man breaks.Sweeney and Merrillwill put on a show with their longsticks throwing ridiculous checks and pushing the ball whenever possible. The battle at the Face Off square will be really tough as big ol’ Anthony Kelly and superstar Alex Smith will tango all night. I like Westervelt and Mundorf to put up big numbers together as well… those two have chemistry that goes back to their days together at UMBC.

The game doesn’t start on ESPN2 on the East Coast until 10pm so after I play in the first round of the Gotham Lacrosse League playoffs, I’ll head home and catch the greatest exhibition of high scoring lax the world has ever seen!

Want to check out the 2009 MLL All-Star Game Media Guide while watching the game tonight? Download it here.