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Josh Lane Productions Wants Your Help!

Video producer and YouTube sensation Josh Lane sits down with Jeff Brunelle to talk about his process for creating lacrosse videos and to ask for help from LAS readers. What big plays should be in his Best of 2011 video?

Josh Lane just finished up his freshman year at the University of Florida. He’s your normal college lacrosse player enjoying the big school experience while playing at a top notch MCLA program, except there’s a bit more to him than that. He’s also a freelance video producer, and he happens to be the sole individual behind Lacrosse/YouTube sensation, JLProductions3. For the record, Dan Helfrich over at Lacrosse Roads of America is obsessed with Josh Lane’s work.

Josh Lane has been an LAS reader for quite some time. He’s provided some great feedback about LAS in the past and he’s always kept in touch with me about his new video releases. A couple of weeks ago, Josh Lane contacted me about his upcoming Best of 2011 highlight video. He asked for help with collecting input for the video from our readers.

This got me excited because Josh’s note provided instant proof that this guy totally gets it – he knows it’s not about him, it’s about his viewers! So, I decided to interview Josh to get his full story, which you’ll find below.

At the end of the day, Josh Lane wants to be sure he makes the Best of 2011 video his BEST work yet, and your feedback will help him do so. Please keep reading below to find out how to get involved!

Doing big things for lacrosse via YouTube!

So, Mr. Josh Lane, you’re the man behind the JLProductions3 YouTube account, right? 2,693,936 views and counting. Tell us a bit about yourself!

Josh Lane: Well, for starters I’m finishing up my Freshman year at the University of Florida where I’m majoring in Telecommunications Production and just came off my first collegiate lax season here as backup Goalie. I started laxin about 8 years ago and I’ve loved the game ever since. I decided about 5 years ago to merge my love for video editing and lax and started making highlight videos to show the game off to my friends down here in FL. To see the number of views over the 2.5 mil mark is just amazing to me, never would have thought it would get there.

So let’s get this straight – You don’t get paid by ESPN or anyone else to make these? You just lose sleep at night for the fun of it, creating these awesome highlight reels for the love of the game?

Josh Lane: That’s right. I do the weekly game highlights for InsideLacrosse, which helps give me the motivation to sit down and pull the highlights week in and week out. But between my love for making the videos every year and the support of the lacrosse community, that’s all I really need.

Very cool. So far, which highlight video has been your favorite or add the largest response? Why do you think that is?

Josh Lane: I’d have to say The Best of 2010 video is my favorite and has had the largest response (numbers wise at least; it has more views than The Best of 2009 video, which obviously has been on YouTube a year longer). I think a lot of it has to do with the music, 30STM makes some very epic and emotional music and I think I did the best I could with pacing the different aspects of the game to the music to make a pretty enjoyable video.

Speaking of tunes! Saw on your Facebook page that you’re asking viewers for help in picking music. Will their feedback be used for the Best of 2011 video?

Josh Lane: Definitely! Right now I kinda have an idea of what song I want to use for it, but their help has gone a long way for videos in the past. The feedback I need the most is what plays they liked the best from the 2011 season, just to make sure I don’t miss anything and to keep everyone happy. They’re the ones watching the videos, so their opinion is heavily weighed.

(Editor’s note: Let Josh know what clips you want on the Best of 2011 video by leaving a comment on this post or hitting up his Facebook page!)

Typically your videos include a lot of footage from ESPN. How do you collect that footage? Can the plays come from other channels as well?

Josh Lane: Well like I stated before, I pull the weekly highlights for IL from ESPN (and occasionally a CBSCS game) and have been doing so for 3 years now. With the games on my DVR, I sit down and record the best highlights to a DVD then import to my computer and edit away. Plays can come from other channels, but with IL being an ESPN affiliate and majority of games are on the ESPN family, majority come from ESPN.

What would you say your ultimate goal is for these videos?

Josh Lane: My goals for these videos are to: 1. Help spread the game to areas of the country/world that don’t have lacrosse. It’s been pretty awesome to hear feedback from people around the world who are amazed by the game just by watching a video. 2. Present the game the best way possible. Lax is a fast paced and extremely exciting game and I make these videos to show those characteristics to people; regardless of if they’re subscribers or just clicking around YouTube.

(Editor’s note: Here is Josh’s 2011 College Lacrosse Midseason Highlight Video…)

Do you ever do highlight films for other sports?

Josh Lane: I do. At UF I made the recruiting video for the 2-Time National Champion Track and Field program, created all of the pregame pump-up videos for Gator Basketball home games at the O’Dome this year, and put together a highlight for UF’s 3 Heisman Trophy winners (Spurrier, Wuerffel, Tebow) at the 2011 spring game to introduce the new statues of them next to the stadium.

What are your career aspirations after college?

Josh Lane: My career aspirations are to one day work as a Producer or Editor for ESPN. My dream has always been college football or SportsCenter, but I’d be just as happy to do lacrosse. I’d really love to try and push the game for more airtime on ESPN and eventually get a game to broadcast on ABC. I don’t have the first idea of how I’ll accomplish that goal, but I suppose you have to set the bar high for yourself!

Anything else you’d like LAS readers to know about you?

Josh Lane: I’d like to let the readers know that I feel extremely blessed and thankful to have their support for my videos. Like I said previously, I don’t get payed to sit down and churn them out, so knowing you guys enjoy them so much is an added motivation for me to get them done in the thick of midterms. Also, these videos are for your enjoyment, not just my own, so I want to hear your input for clips you’d like to see and music you want to hear, and you can tell me that through my Facebook fan page or on my channel! Thanks, God Bless, and keep growing the game!

Thanks for the interview, Josh!

LAS Readers – Now is your chance to have your say in Josh’s Best of 2011 College Lacrosse Highlight Video! Which big games should be included? Players? Moments??? A dirty dodge by Denver’s Mark Matthews is on my list! What about music?

Drop a comment below or hit up Josh’s Facebook page with your input, and he’ll do his best to include it in his final video. Thanks!




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