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Introducing… ‘Know The Game’ Podcast!

We have been working on a project over here at Lacrosse All Stars for quite a while and it is finally ready to launch. Introducing: The Know The Game Podcast!

The podcast really originated with me proposing the idea to the rest of the LAS crew. The big thing for us was to make sure we were doing something that would add to the conversation in our sport and be a platform for growing the game. Many of the podcasts that our out there revolve around content relevant for that particular week. It may be in reaction to an MLL game, NLL top players, college scores, or summer events.

The podcasts that do not follow that method are typically focused in on a very specific area. For example: Paul Rabil hosts non-lacrosse people and talks about entrepreneurship and its relationship to sports. Dr. Fred Opie is usually lacrosse focused, but talks much more on the recruiting and college athletic experience to help guide families into making sound decisions for their future.

So where do we fit in?

The question that always drives us is, what grows the game? The true answer is that many things do.

Growing the game can mean many different things to many different people. Men’s, Women’s, pickup, Youth, Public High Schools, Private Schools, Indoor, Outdoor, International, Tournaments, Men’s Leagues, and more. There is so much lacrosse going on that people tend to focus in on just a sliver of that and it becomes their world.

Our goal is to help everyone see what is happening and what are the challenges faced in all areas of the game. If everything goes to plan, you will walk away from every episode having learned something new.

The way that we plan on doing that is bringing in guests from all over the lacrosse world. In some of our first episodes, you’ll hear about how the Philadelphia Wings are being reborn, what challenges face Charm City Lacrosse, and hear about how a shipment of equipment has been held up in customs in Argentina for years, with no end in sight.

More than anything, each episode should help you gain perspective.

One of the cornerstones that will make things difficult, but we feel is worth the extra effort, is we will try to have face to face conversations with everyone on the show. I especially feel strongly about this point because it leads to better conversation. It may be a little bit old school, but it should give us some great results.

The single most important thing about this show will be the guests.

Many of the people we have on with us are going to be names you know. We have lined up some great players, coaches, executives, and leaders. But, we will also have guests which many people may have never of before. Whether it is a big name or small, their story is important. This show will be a platform for them to tell the rest of the lacrosse world about their part of the pie.

What challenges do they have, what are their goals, what is their perspective?

So, I hope you take the time to give this podcast a listen and find it informative. I also would love feedback on questions you would like to hear, guests we should have on, or subjects we should cover.

This show is meant to be something for YOU to not only listen to, but react to as well.

Thank you and enjoy the show!

Listen to Episode 1: Sean DeLaney, Philadelphia Wings