Kyle Harrison in Boise
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Kyle Harrison Shooting Session in the City of Trees

A couple weeks ago Kyle Harrison made his way to the home of Lacrosse All Stars: Boise, Idaho. Kyle hosted three shooting clinics for youth and high school lacrosse players, and we were lucky enough to grab a few minutes of his time.

I got to film while Michael Allen was leading the interview, and truthfully, we were blown away by Kyle’s professionalism. His dedication not only to the sport, but the kids who play it, is beyond admirable.

During the clinics, Kyle spent time with each athlete that participated and gave his undivided attention to the entire group from start to finish. At one point, he asked Michael to take a picture of him while instructing, and didn’t even take his phone out to receive it until he knew players were done asking questions and were away grabbing water.

We are heading to LXM Utah this weekend and get to grab a few more minutes of Kyle’s time, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. He is a true class act and a great representation of what a professional athlete should be. Like he hinted to in the video, maybe next year we won’t have to leave Idaho for a LXM event.

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