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lacrosse coach gifts

Top 5 Lacrosse Coach Gifts

What Should We Get Our Lacrosse Coach For An End Of Season Gift? Here are out Top 5 Lacrosse Coach Gifts! From wooden sticks to travel bags and beyond!

Here are out Top 5 Lacrosse Coach Gifts! As the spring season nears an end for many teams across the country, the perpetual question of: What Should We Get Our Lacrosse Coach For An End Of Season Gift? constantly pops up. While cash or a gift certificate is always nice, if you want to be a little more creative, here are FIVE ways you can put in the extra effort to reward a coach for a truly great season!

Top 5 Lacrosse Coach Gifts for 2015

#5 – Custom Dyed Head

The custom work that can be done on heads is pretty darn amazing, so if you have a dye expert on the team, put him (or her) to work! If no one involved with the team can do it themselves, hire someone like Stylin’ Strings to do it for you. Custom is the name of the game for companies like them and Throne! You can also get the stick strung with an LAS-approved traditional pocket! That should be a constant on your lacrosse coach gifts list.

Stylin Strings Custom Lax All Stars Dye Job

#4 – SISU Mouth Guard

Maybe your coach still plays lacrosse! If they do, buy them a SISU mouth guard. I wear one now, and it’s great. Molds to your mouth easily, protects the pearly whites, and you can actually talk while wearing one. They are an LAS partner, and offer a great product! We only team up with the best! This gift is a great one for a still active coach!

Lacrosse pro Drew Snider SISU
MLL star Drew Snider rocking a SISU mouthguard

#3 – Hudson – Sutler Weekend Bag

This bag has a million and one uses. Sure, you can throw some clothes in it for a weekend getaway, but it also makes for a great ball bag, and can be customized for your team, program, or coach. Plus it’s classy and classic. Coaches will love this. Not a partner, but a darn good product and it’s a must on our list for lacrosse coach gifts.


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top 5 lacrosse coach gifts

#2 – Make A Donation In Their Name

There are lots of great charity groups out there that need support, and making a donation in your coaches’ name is always a good move. Check out local charities, like CityLax in NYC, or go a little more national with a group like HeadStrong. Either way, you’re making a positive difference in the world!

And our Number ONE gift for coaches for 2015 is…

#1 – CUSTOM Wooden Stick

Traditional Lacrosse sent me a customized wooden lacrosse stick to check out, and I can’t imagine a single coach that wouldn’t want one of these! You could get the program logo, the coach’s name, or a million other things laser carved into the wood. Wooden sticks alone are awesome, but a customized one a kind woodie? Well that’s even MORE special!

CONTACT TLax to get the custom one though! It will cost more, but it will be worth it!

lacrosse coach gifts

I think you can see why this would be our #1 item on the Top 5 Lacrosse Coach Gifts list for 2015! Got any other great ideas? Drop them in the comments and spread the love.

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