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Lacrosse GIFs: Top 5 NLL Week 1 Moments Described in GIFs

Alright everyone, it’s time for my personal new favorite feature on Lacrosse All Stars: Top 5 Lacrosse Moments Described in GIFs. We take five of the most monumental moments from the last week of lacrosse action and try to describe them in one GIF. Hilarity ensues. General merriment and lacrosse cheer breaks out. Things such as world peace and world hunger are solved. You get the idea.

Today’s moments focus on Week 1 of the NLL this past weekend. Moments include Trevor Baptiste losing part of a tooth, an insane goal by Thomas Hogarth and more! 

Lacrosse GIFs: NLL Week 1

No. 1: Trevor Baptiste Chips Tooth, Gets Player of the Game

Trevor Baptiste was a stud on Saturday in the Wings’ first game back in Philadelphia since 2014, as they took on the Buffalo Bandits. He went 25-for-35 at the faceoff dot and gave Philly lots of extra possessions. He was named player of the game despite the fact that many pundits have said that there isn’t room for a pure faceoff man on an NLL roster.

So, what GIF best describes Baptiste’s performance? Take a look:

lacrosse gifs

No. 2: Thomas Hogarth’s Off-the-Glass Goal

Thomas Hogarth of the Buffalo Bandits had a highlight-reel goal on Saturday versus the Wings. See the goal for yourself below:

Was it a designed play? Was it just mere luck? Only the Bandits know for sure. The one thing I will say, however, is that no Bandit player is ever going to admit that wasn’t executed just how they drew it up.

There’s really only one GIF that describes this masterfully-executed play:

lacrosse gifs

No. 3: Matt Beers Wins it for the Warriors in OT

They say that great moments are born of great opportunity. Matt Beers (isn’t that the most lacrosse name out there?) certainly capitalized on that statement. Beers scored in OT for the Warriors in the nightcap of NLL Week 1 to win the game over the Calgary Roughnecks. See the goal below:

The GIF?


lacrosse gifs

Except the goal was a little more graceful.

No. 4: B/R Live Stream Working For Most, Not for Others

For most fans, the B/R Live Stream worked great on opening night for lacrosse enthusiasts across the league. However, there were some that weren’t able to get it to work for the majority of the time. That included LaxAllStars Random Thoughts writer and Lacrosse Classified co-host Evan Schemenauer. See his tweet below:

Other fans, though, raved about the quality, such as LaxAllStars Publisher Connor Wilson.

How do we describe this situation? Well, like this:

lacrosse gifs

No. 5: Matt Rambo’s Cross-Check to the Ground

Matt Rambo definitely mixed it up in the Wings’ home opener, and let his frustrations out late in the game when down to the Buffalo Bandits. See the play here:

How do we sum this one up? Well…

lacrosse gifs

I mean, would you want Matt Rambo coming after you? Yeah, we didn’t think so.


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