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22 America - Lacrosse Season
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Lacrosse Season Forever

Lacrosse season is over,” they said.

He’s not going to have anything to talk about,” they said.

Something To Talk About: Lacrosse SeasonWe are having quite a laugh at that here at headquarters. Nothing to talk about?!?! Don’t they know this is the fastest sport on two feet? Don’t they know that 800,000 Americans playing anything is a force of nature? They will.

So much has happened over the last few weeks that I don’t know where to begin. The Penguins won a Stanley Cup, the Cavaliers won an NBA Championship and 4 of my Florida Launch teammates were elected to play in the Major League Lacrosse 2016 All Star Game July 9th at Cal State Fullerton.

I’ll take this opportunity to publicly congratulate them:

Tucker Durkin (Defense)

Kieran McArdle (Attack)

Chris Mattes (Face Off)

Connor Buczek (Midfield)

By the way, these 4 goals below were not only filthy, they were not nice.

These men bring tremendous skill and enthusiasm to the game of professional lacrosse, and I’m blessed to have them on my team.

We’re coming to the end of the 2016 Major League Lacrosse season… And the end of lacrosse season means we get a chance to balance ourselves as students, athletes – as human beings. We don’t ever give up our passion for lacrosse; we build a foundation under it to make it stronger.

– CP

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