"Band of Bros" lax t-shirt
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Lacrosse T-Shirt Designs By Readers, For Readers

Two weeks ago I decided to use the daily Hot Pot of Lax post to showcase some t-shirt design ideas that LAS staff members had been throwing around lately. From tank tops and pocket protectors to a Jim Brown homage, it was fun to share those ideas and get immediate feedback from readers.

On the last day of the week, I challenged LAS Readers to send in a few of their own designs. I said I’d pick one person to work with and we’d finalize a design together. They’d also win a pair of LAS Apollo Creed Shorts.

Let me just tell you, picking a winner was A LOT harder than I thought it’d be. Too many cool ideas!

Below is a handful of the submissions we received that included images or mockups. There were also some awesome, original ideas sent in text-only, a couple of which I may take a crack at over the next few weeks. Enjoy!

“99 Problems” by Mason Moorhouse (Wheaton, IL)

"99 Problems" Lax t-shirt
Straight from The Black Album

“Bounce is Better” by Sam Fritkin (Boise, ID)

"Bounce is Better" lax t-shirt
The cups represent post-game goals.

“Lacrosse is My Business” by Jahmas Hamilton (Silver Spring, MD)

Note: one thing Jahmas and I talked about for the back of this is adding some long hair around the neckline, kind of like the infamous Clay Matthews flow tee.

"Lacrosse is My Business" lax t-shirt
Business in the front, lacrosse in the back.

“ASK LAS” and “LAS KNOWS” designs by Nate Weigel (Elk Point, SD)

"Ask LAS" lax t-shirt
You all know you can ask us anything.
"LAS Knows" lax t-shirt
We only know what we know.

“ASK 412” and “412 KNOWS” designs by Nate Weigel (Elk Point, SD)

"Ask 412" lax t-shirt
If you could ask 412 one thing, what would it be?
"412 Knows" lax t-shirt
"412 Knows" more about gear than the average laxer...

“The Finger” by Chris Davis of Striker Danger

(Editor’s note: NSFS… That’s means Not Safe For School!)

Middle Finger Lax T-shirt
Wear your thoughts on your chest.

“Cruz Lacrosse, Empowered by Jah” by Eric Maciel (Santa Cruz, CA)

Note: Could be a cool sublimated tee. Here’s a little explanation from Eric:

The concept of this is the fusion of two of my passions Slug Lacrosse (my UC Santa Cruz Lacrosse team, hence “Cruz Lacrosse”) and reggae. This image holds themes from Rastafari. The rasta colors are of course one of them and the enthiopian lion (the lion of Judah). The lion represents fearlessness and strength.

Cruz lacrosse t-shirt
What do The Banana Slugs and Bob Marley have in common?

“Hutch the Woozle” by Muamer Razic

Hutch the Woozle t-shirt
Hutch was the winning sketch in a drawing contest LAS ran earlier this month!

“Lax 4 Life” by Kevin Rowen (Irvine, CA)

"Lax 4 Life" lacrosse t-shirt
"Lax 4 Life" by Kevin Rowen

“Just Lax It” by Kevin Rowen

"Just Lax It" lacrosse t-shirt
"Just Lax It" by Kevin Rowen


And now, the winning design. Inspired by one of the best HBO Series ever made, Matt Ringe of Prairieville, LA presents to you the “BAND OF BROS” t-shirt.

Band of Brothers HBO logo

This first version would be screen printed on a black tee.

"Band of Bros" lacrosse t-shirt
"Band of Bros" by Matt Ringe (Version 1)

And this one would be a sublimated tee.

"Band of Bros" lax t-shirt
"Band of Bros" by Matt Ringe (Version 2)

Pretty cool, right? If you watched the Band of Brothers miniseries you’ve got to appreciate this design. Lax bros are Easy Company!