Lacrosse Training Tool Roundup


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Lacrosse Training Tool Roundup…

Training Tool #1: The SKLZ PowerBase Lacrosse Trainer

The ideal practice partner for improving your skills, on or off the field. With the sturdy non-slip base and no-tangle Kinetic Cord, you get hours of continuous practice on your own or with a team.  Practice lacrosse without needing to chase the ball anymore.

– Improves passing, shooting and catching

– Practice solo or with teammates

– Never chase another ball

– Perfect trainer for practicing all your lacrosse skills; passing, shooting, catching and scooping

– Builds quickness, hand-eye coordination, and stamina

– Sets up virtually anywhere and stores easily

Lacrosse Training Practice Aid

Is this for real? Hope the kid in the picture is wearing a cup.

Training Tool #2: MaxXcel FP360

Adding the FP360 to your shaft offers that continuous resistance, forcing you to work harder to maintain your grip, building core muscles in the hand, wrist and forearm while running drills, playing wall ball, or taking shots at the cage.

It’s lightweight, so it won’t make your stick heavier, easy to take on and off the shaft, and will significantly accelerate your forearm and grip strength development. The FP360 offers lacrosse players at any level, the opportunity strengthen their grip and improve critical aspects of their game.

– Build core muscles in the hand, wrist and forearm.

– Strengthen your grip to gain better control and more power.

– Increase your shot velocity, accuracy and quickness.

– Improve passing, cradling and stick protection.

– Win more face-offs and ground balls.

Has anyone actually tried this? Can you confirm the video’s claims? Max gives a good interview and seems like a stand-up dude, so I have to go ahead and assume the FP360 is pretty sweet. Still need to see it in action though.

Training Tool #3: LaxPrax

When you throw the ball the specially manufactured elastic cord stretches up to a length of thirty feet and then smoothly returns the ball so you can practice catching skills.The LaxPrax attaches to your own lacrosse stick using an extra strength velcro band and a premium swivel to ensure smooth and tangle free operation.

If you ever miss the ball on its return flight there is no need to worry about chasing the ball, the LaxPrax System returns the ball to you for an easy scoop even if the ball travels past you, so you can quickly return to training.

LaxPrax Lacrosse Rebounder vs. Wall

Scott Kahoe says it’s legit. So does Kyle Harrison (he’s quoted on the LaxPrax website). I want one. NOW.

On an unrelated but related note, Miley basically endorses the LaxPrax.

LaxPrax Miley


By the way, don’t forget to check out 412 Lax daily as well. He’s got some good stuff goin these days. Think Hoverboards and Georgetown gloves.

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    • I agree. I had something similar to Lax Prax growing up years ago. Didn't do much but maybe help with hand-eye coordination One of the best things about lax is that all you need is a stick, ball , and wall to practice. And honestly, I have never lost a ball playing wall ball, nor have I ever met anyone that has. Well, maybe Preston Lay, back in High School. He probably put a few balls through the wall or they just imploaded on contact. Shame he never went on to play in college and still holds the NYS scoring title. But regardless, I don't buy it either. I'll stick with the wall