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Lacrosse Video Explosion

Welcome to another Lacrosse Video Explosion. It’s Friday, it’s pouring in NYC, and lacrosse season is in full swing. What more could you ask for? Here’s to hoping that the weather is better in your neck of the woods!

Let’s kick this lacrosse video festival off right:

100 Seasons For Penn State

PSU lacrosse began in 1913. It’s 100 years later. How cool is that?

If someone doesn’t recreate the jerseys from the :30 second mark, I will throw a conniption fit.

Mercyhurst 12 – Dowling 11

This might have been the best D2 game of the year so far. Shaping up for a really tight playoff race… and the NCAAs should be extremely competitive as well.

Cornell – Harvard Highlights

Pannell’s goal at the 2:19 is mark is ridiculous. He just makes it look so easy. 14-12 win for Cornell in one heck of a great game.

Long Island Box Lacrosse

Throne of String took a short trip out to Long Island’s Turf City to play some pick up box lacrosse. As is often the case, excellent video was one of the results…

Massachusetts Lacrosse: Better and Better

Here are some highlights from Needham Vs Hingham. The level of lacrosse being played in Massachusetts is SO much higher than when I was a kid. That’s definitely a good thing though!

Field Pass With UVA

Dye up heads for a college team and they treat you right. Love the StylinStrings experience.

Ohio State – Michigan: Now In Lacrosse!

I used to like the OSU – UMich rivalry, but now these two schools play each other in lacrosse? I just fell in love with this rivalry.

NCAA D3 Doing It Right

HUGE shootout to my alma mater, Wesleyan University, for putting up so much more video this year, and for making it so excellent. This is a great move for any program as it keeps alumni connected, and gets the program out in front of potential recruits. Wesleyan is currently 8-2. Want to get to know them better? See here.

Is Brian Katten the single best game caller in all of D3? I’d have to say yes. He does play by play AND color. He can also sing a mean national anthem. I’ve seen it in action! Props to BK, quite possibly the hardest working SID in the nation!

Roanoke Vs Lynchburg Highlights

Prodigy Launch is KILLING it with Southern NCAA D3 Lacrosse Highlights this year. The Noke – LBurg video delivers in a major way.

Bryant – Robert Morris Highlights

Gonzaga Vs Gtown Prep

Did they use “Bombs Over Baghdad”? Yes, they did. Awesome track for highlights!

Brunswick Vs Loomis Chaffee

Davenport Over Western Michigan

Top Goals Of March

Ok, I’ll watch that.

Reader Poll: Hopkins Vs Maryland

Who will win this weekend? #1 Maryland? Or Hopkins, who actually might NEED this game to make the NCAAs?