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Lacrosse Video Explosion: The Weekend Is Here!

Welcome to another wonderful Friday! Fridays mean Lacrosse Video Explosions, and that only serves to make this great day a little greater. The weekend is here: it’s time for lacrosse.

Photo Credit: Kim Black

Don’t forget to check out the great Stevenson – Salisbury highlights on the CAC to the ‘CAC.

Vermont College Update

Ok, Plattsburgh is actually in New York State, but it’s close to Burlington, VT, and Platts is doing well, so they get covered. It’s fair.

Jimmy Bitter in High School

Pretty darn dynamic, even back at prep school. Wonder if Billy supplied the beats?

Lynchburg Vs W&L

Prodigy Launch killed it with the Stevenson – Salisbury highlights. You watched those, right? Lynchburg vs W&L is just as good.

Towson Vs Hofstra

This clip might have the highest goals to time ratio EVER.

Recruit Reed Avveduti

This kid has to have committed by now, right? Great hands inside. I like how Reed finishes. He’s from Niskayuna so you know he’s tough.

Rabil Talks Business