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Lacrosse Video Explosion

It’s Friday, and you want things easy, served to you on a silver plate. I don’t blame you, it’s been a long week and you need to save your energy for lacrosse this weekend. Luckily, I combed the internet for great video and threw it all together here, to save you the trouble. Enjoy!

Class of 2012 – Hall Of Fame

Toronto Rock Open Toronto Stock Exchange

They have a stock exchange in Toronto?” – Most Americans

Denison Lacrosse

Video: SO Entertaining

If you don’t find RedBeard to be hysterical, there is something wrong with you. It’s all in the delivery. The testing is interesting… but the entertainment factor is high.

Do you ever see me putting up hate?” Classic, and so true.

Throne’s Top 5 Products From LaxCon

LAS’ gold HeadWrapz lid makes the list!

McGill’s Road to the Championship

Canadian college field lacrosse. It’s so real!

Salisbury 2012 Highlights

Yes, this team was unreal.