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Lacrosse Warranties
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Epoch And Powell – The Best Lacrosse Warranties

Editor’s Note: Lacrosse warranties are always a relevant issue, and will continue to be so until heads stop breaking altogether. A lacrosse head can be an expensive investment, so how a company protects the consumer with their lacrosse warranties deserves attention. Van O’Banion (of Stylin Strings fame) has been around the industry for decades, and in the below editorial, he chimes in with his thoughts on why two new lacrosse warranties, offered by Epoch and Powell respectively, are some of the best that the industry has ever seen.

Lacrosse Warranties

For many years in the sport of lacrosse there were only two head manufacturers, Brine and STX. Players did not enjoy the variety that exists today and had to choose a head from one of these companies. The homogeneous offerings changed over the last two decades as companies like Warrior, Gait, and Maverik hopped in the ring of competition in manufacturing lacrosse equipment.

Even with all this change in the industry, the warranty offerings did not budge much, and the common business practice across most brands has been to offer a 6 month warranty. Some brands go even lower, and offer as little as 60 days. This has created a void and given room for other manufacturers to grow within the industry by thinking outside the box when it comes to the most important part of a player’s game, the stick.

Powell Lacrosse and Epoch Lacrosse are fairly new companies in the realm of lacrosse, however their confidence in their product has been speaking volumes to customers. Each company will replace their product if it happens to break for any reason while playing lacrosse “normally”. This means as long as you are not modifying the head intentionally, or slamming it against a rock, that you will receive a brand new one within 365 days of the the purchase date. A 12 month warranty is impressive on its own.

Epoch, a company boasting “the best warranty is one you’ll never need.”, has also just made an innovative move in the industry by removing the word “dyeing” from it’s already-industry-leading 1 year warranty policy. This means all dyed Epoch Hawk heads will now be covered under warranty, an unheard of concept previously in the industry.

Lacrosse Warranties

We understand that players like to customize their sticks to better reflect their personalities both on and off the field, and at the end of the day, our engineers and material suppliers confirmed there really was no evidence that lacrosse heads were weakened by the color dying process.” said James Miceli, Principal of Epoch Lacrosse.

This change has sparked great attention from lacrosse players all over the world who wish to stand out and identify themselves on the field with a colorful representation, however Epoch is not alone in this new innovative way of thinking.

Powell lacrosse is a passionate lacrosse company that strives to make the best sticks in the game. They are so confident in their built to last product that they offer the industry leading 12 month guarantee as well as a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your product. Their website even states “Our warranty is based on something as simple as a handshake and a promise that if you’re not satisfied with your purchase we’ll make it right.

Lacrosse Warranties

With younger companies developing equipment and policies around the player themselves, it is no wonder that they are growing quickly in a previously cornered market. How is one supposed to break into a 40 year old industry? They may wanna take a note from Epoch and Powell. By putting their money where their mouth is, they have caused a new discussion in an old industry. If they can live up to their lacrosse warranties’ claims, expect others in the industry to follow suit.