Ultimate Summer Lacrosse Contest
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LaxAllStars.com’s Ultimate Summer Lacrosse Contest

Here’s the deal… Sometimes the quickest exit is your best chance. Sometimes being rude is necessary. Sometimes you just totally forget to flush.

Well, not this time!

You see, sometimes short and sweet just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. This time you need more. You need something that’s exciting, long-lasting, flavorful and PRODUCTIVE. You need something FREE!

LAS felt your need from a mile away, and now we have a pretty freaking sweet announcement to make!



1) Tell your friends about LaxAllStars.com!

Every time the LAS Facebook page adds 50 new likes, one lucky Facebook fan will win a free pair of LAS Dress Socks from Adrenaline! THERE WILL BE 100 CHANCES TO WIN.

Initial count: 11,350

1st giveaway: 11,400

Help spread the good word about us and we’ll reward you with a free pair of socks!

Adrenaline LAS Dress Socks
LAS Dress Socks!

But wait, there’s more!

2) Help LAS Grow The Game!

Every 10th winner of the socks will also receive a free Grow The Game t-shirt from LAS! Wear it proudly or pass it on to a friend/coach/teammate/relative who’s out there working hard to grow our awesome sport! Bottom line: Live it, love it, wear it, grow it!

But wait, there’s even more!

3) Win the Ultimate Lax Swag Bag!

All 100 winners will be entered to win what we like to call the super-gnarly-pretty-sweet-ultra-mega ULTIMATE LAX SWAG BAG!!!

Ultimate Summer Lacrosse Contest
We were serious when we said Ultimate Summer Lacrosse Contest!

Here’s what’s inside:

1 Maverik Soldier Gear Bag full of many amazing things from The Lacrosse Shop!

– Maverik Maybach Gloves
– LAS Grow The Game Tees
– Man-Bro Tee
– Maverik Juice Head
– An LAS-themed Stringing Kit!
– Grow The Game Tees
– 24/7 Lacrosse Tee
– Ranch Sunflower Seeds
– Maverik DNA Shorts
– Strawberry Laffy Taffy
– Rhino Window Sticker
– Woozle Socks
– Oh, and last but certainly not least… MBBM Shades of YOUR CHOICE!

Pretty super-gnarly-pretty-sweet-ultra-mega, right?

OK, now let’s check out the rules… We’ve only got five!


– The entire contest will be run on the LAS Facebook Page

– Each Facebook fan is only eligible to win 1 out of 100 socks

– Only 100 sock winners will have a chance to win the Ultimate Lax Swag Bag

– The Swag Bag winner will be announced once all 100 socks are given away



So, let’s recap:

1) All you have to do is tell your friends about LAS for your shot at a free pair of socks. We’re giving away 100 pairs, so it’d be silly not to partake!

2) If you’re extra lucky, you’ll also be one of ten people to win a GTG tee.

3) Finally, if you’re one of the 100 people who won a free pair of socks, you are automatically entered to win the Ultimate Lax Swag Bag from LaxAllStars.com! All you gotta do is help us grow!

Voilà, the Ultimate Summer Lacrosse Contest! Are you ready?

Let’s gooooooooooo!!!!!