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lake tahoe summit classic
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Lake Tahoe Summit Classic: Fresh Air Everywhere

LaxAllStars is pleased to share our Top 5 Reasons to attend from the Lake Tahoe Summit Classic hosted in Truckee, California. This list has been produced in partnership with our friends at Summit Lacrosse Ventures and ADVNC Lacrosse, hosts of the event, and we’re excited to share it with you today!

Reason Zero: Lake Tahoe = Home Away From Home

Jeff Brunelle and Connor Wilson, co-founders of LaxAllStars, have been traveling to Lake Tahoe for years. Connor, most recently for the men’s lacrosse tournament held in Incline Village. Jeff, for both vacation and lacrosse his entire life. The place is a hidden gem in our minds because we seldom hear “East Coasters” mention it. Yet, it’s the first place we always want to go aside from going home. There’s literally no place on earth like Lake Tahoe, and it’s worth experiencing at least once in your life. If not for lacrosse, then vacation. The choice is yours!

Things That Make The Summit Classic Special

1 The Lake

Does your son play lacrosse? Let the rest of the family swim lakeside! Just one kid? What him/her play and then crack a cold one and read a book by the beach all day. Whether you’re traveling with a group or all alone, there’s always action to be had by the blue at Tahoe!

2The Lacrosse Fields

These fields are the fields of our dreams. Seriously. Ten beautiful lacrosse fields across five pristine locations in the area. There’s the high school right next to King’s Beach, plus a full field in the thick of the Squaw Valley forest.

3Family Friendly Atmosphere

And parents call this a lacrosse trip? Here’s something we overheard recently on-site: “If my dad had his way he may not even go to the games!” There’s so much to do and so little time. It’s just a weekend after all… some parents and siblings might be forced to choose white-water rafting over watching the youngest in the family ball.

4Bears…and just the wilderness in general

We don’t have a photo. We just have stories, and there’s not enough room here. a time somebody affiliated with Lacrosse All Stars visits Lake Tahoe, it’s only natural that a bear joins us on the sidelines. Maybe not at the fields (unless the food truck leaves scraps), but definitely wherever we stay. Be on the lookout for bear cubs digging through your trash can. Cool? But for real: You need to add a hike and/or sightseeing drive to your itinerary when you’re there – it’s worth it to experience the wilderness! Period.

5The best weather anywhere, everywhere

Especially in June. You can’t go wrong. Even when it rains it’s the prettiest place on earth. Register to play at the Summit Classic and you’re sure to experience it!

Lake Tahoe weather

More Photo Evidence

2017 Video Highlights

2018 Registration Still Open!

The 2018 event takes place July 15-17, and we here at LaxAllStars highly encourage you to attend! Whether you’ve participated before or this is your first time to the event, you’re sure to have a memorable experience.

Team Fee: $2,250   Registration Information

Give In A Great Way  Shop GTG Tahoe Apparel

We’ve teamed up with Summit and ADVNC to offer a full line of Grow The Game® Lake Tahoe Apparel! The best part? All proceeds go toward powering free lacrosse clinics in the local Truckee, California, area. Support the cause and join our mission now by making a purchase!