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Larry Palumbo’s Top 40 Stories Of 2012

Larry Palumbo is a gifted photographer, and one heck of a lacrosse enthusiast! He runs Coyote Magic Action Shots and he shoots a ton of lacrosse games over the course of a year. How many is a ton? Try 247 games on for size. That’s a whole lot of lacrosse.

Coyote Magic has selected their Top 40 Lacrosse Moments of 2012, and each is represented by a photo. I’ve picked out a couple of shots to show you just a portion of what Larry is doing, and if you like what you see (you will), then check out the rest on Coyote Magic.

The Peterborough Lakers celebrate another Mann Cup victory in 2012. September 15, 2012.
Yale University celebrates a dramatic overtime win at Stony Brook. April 16, 2012.
Casey Powell returns to the National Lacrosse League by signing with the Rochester Knighthawks. Powell tries a front dive back flip shot in his first exhibition game back against the Minnesota Swarm. December 8, 2012.
Toronto Rock goaltender Pat Campbell hangs em up with 4 Championships in his 14 seasons in the National Lacrosse League.
Salisbury wins their 2nd consecutive National Championship (Division III). May 27, 2012.

Those five shots are one eighth of the images over on Coyote Magic’s Top 40. Check out Larry’s fantastic work and remember what a fantastic year of lacrosse it really was! And be on the lookout for some more Top Of 2012 Stories as we get ready to face the new year…