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LAS America Lacrosse Shaft by 1Lacrosse

LAS America Shafts by 1Lacrosse!

Introducing the new LAS Lacrosse Shaft by 1Lacrosse. High class, high fashion. This is what you get when you mix two great lacrosse companies!

That’s right. We’ve got LIMITED EDITION LAS lacrosse shafts! 1Lacrosse whipped up an unreal design for us and placed it ever so gently on their top of the line shaft. And we have to admit, the results are pretty stunning!

LAS America Lacrosse Shaft by 1Lacrosse

The LAS America Shaft is white with silver stars over it, and the stars fade in density and size from bottom to top. The colors are similar enough that until you get a little closer, you might think your eyes are playing tricks on you.

LAS America Lacrosse Shaft by 1Lacrosse
These are LIMITED EDITION. We only have 15 available!

The 1Lacrosse shafts are definitely good looking, but they also function at an extremely high level on the field. Their top of the line shaft is the Cutter Elite, and of course, we went with the best! It’s a Scandium alloy, meaning it is strong and light.

We haven’t performed any big scientific studies on it yet, but we have taken it out on the battle field multiple time and Jeff and Connor can vouch for the impressive quality. Bottom line: We don’t sell stuff that isn’t legit, and 1Lacrosse definitely passed the test with flying colors!

If you love LAS almost as much as we do, we think you’ll really enjoy this shaft and get a ton of good use out of it! It makes a great gift, a tantalizing Summer sword, and/or the perfect magic wand for your booth at the county fair. PLUS, it let’s people know that YOU are a big part of the revolution. And that, my friend, is what it’s all about!

Lax world, BEWARE! This shaft is available now for $150 in The Lacrosse Shop.

LAS America Lacrosse Shaft by 1Lacrosse

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