LAS Exclusive: The Mr. BS Report Podcast


Zombie PigThis week we have another exciting 2-part podcast:
Part I
– Mr. BS, Striding Man, and Wheniwasakid talk about lacrosse in Australia, traditional vs. mesh, Loyola vs. Hopkins, and even the dreaded swine flu
Part II (starts at 20:33) – Interview with the creator of an online lacrosse petition for an EA Sports Lacrosse video game.  Take a listen!

  • Wheniwasakid is calling out to LaxNation! Help build out the LacrosseAllStars “Stick Tech” section. What do you want to see? Send your best/ worst / most interesting stick string jobs to [email protected]
  • Songs used in the podcast: Kids by MGMG and Apache (Grandmaster Flash Remix) by The Incredible Bongo Band
More Apache!

Somehow Dawson’s Creek came up in the discussion.

Should their be a “good faith” clause in the MCLA?
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