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LAS Fundraisers: Projects Powered by the Lacrosse Community

Lacrosse Fundraisers - Projects powered by the Lacrosse Community

Today I’m pleased to announce the official launch of LaxAllStars Fundraisers, a new fundraising platform specifically built for the lacrosse community! We hope you’ll join us on our mission to Grow The Game by starting or supporting a Project in the near future. But first, I’d like to provide a little background on why we decided to create this opportunity…

Recently, the LAS staff (Connor Wilson, Krieg Shaw and I) embarked on the experience of a lifetime thanks to a remarkable group of friends, family, and believers. We called it the Grow The Game Tour, and our vision was to visit six towns in the West, spreading our love for lacrosse, and then showcasing our experience at each location on our website.

We launched a crowdfunding campaign on and took to the web to share our story. Our vision was big and we would need a lot of support to make it happen, so initially we were unsure if we would end up hitting our fundraising goal. However, on the final day of our fundraiser, we raised $12,200 for the project, just surpassing our goal of $12,000.

This was our campaign video:

Suddenly, thanks to generous supporters in the lacrosse community, it was time to finalize our plan and most importantly, our budget.

As we planned and planned and planned throughout the month of September, we realized the colossal size of the project we had envisioned. Lucky for us, Easton Lacrosse came to the table – they believed in our mission and dedicated themselves to helping us make the GTG Tour happen.

Thanks to our wonderful supporters and a great partner in Easton Lacrosse, we were able to make our dream a reality. The Grow The Game Tour got its wings, and that’s all it needed to fly.

Growing The Game in Hermiston, Oregon
The GTG Tour crew with high school players in Hermiston, Oregon

As we worked through the crowdfunding process and learned more about our supporters, we quickly realized how crowdfunding projects brought people together.

I, for one, was lucky to be supported so much by my family – my parents, aunts and uncles, and grandparents all contributed money to our campaign. My sister even pitched in, creating artwork and planning our San Francisco stop. Through all this generosity, I was reminded that my family loves me and wants me to continue following my dreams.

As we neared our fundraising goal, our staff began working around the clock to ensure that the tour would be a success in our eyes and the eyes of our supporters. We worked hard together, with a passion and drive that I hadn’t seen very often in a workplace. Our company went from a high-powered steam engine straight to nuclear, when it was all on the line.

And finally, our GTG Tour crew came together from all walks of life to form friendships and bonds that will withstand the tale of time. We came together to make something pretty magical happen. We brought our passion and joy for the game of lacrosse to communities across the West, and we made a real impact in each town that we visited.

The number of people willing to lend a hand in the lacrosse community is inspiring, almost to the point of being bewildering – everyone is generous, open, and supportive. This fact has led us to believe that fundraising can have a bigger, stronger, and more positive impact in the worldwide lacrosse community. And that’s why we’ve created an online tool to host lacrosse related fundraisers.

We can’t wait to help bring bright ideas like Greg Rose’s Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing to life!