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LAS Morning Show: The Early Bird Gets The Lax Gear

In yesterday’s Show LAS Your Old School post, commenter reg_hartner remarked on how nice the LAP4 arm pads were.  Old equipment hound and tech expert, Dan Willson, replied with a link to Sports Outfit, where you can still buy them.  And that was pretty cool.  LAP4s are awesome arm pads and if you’re an older offensive lacrosse player, you definitely wore them at one point in your career.

LAP4 Inside and Out tagged
LAP4s in white. Sports Outfit only has them in black. Still baller.

Photo courtesy the always interesting (when it’s updated at least) YumYumLax Blog!

Well, I followed the link, expecting to just see cheap old lacrosse heads like I had in the past, but this time my eyes were greeted by something even better: L-35 Lacrosse Gloves.  In Green and White.  OR… GREY, Green, and White.  I obviously chose the old gloves with the Loyola Greyhound color scheme.  How could you not?  3 color gloves were just so baller back then!  And now, SportsOutfit is selling them for $20!  Deal time!  And these are the originals… from way back.  Not the updated L-35s… 100% old school right here.

Brine L-35 Lacrosse Gloves green grey white
Love these mittens!

I also picked up a Brine MX and an STX Hi-Wall for $20 a piece, and can’t wait to throw some traditional in that MX head.  That will be an exciting day.  And yes, I’ll probably do a 6 color dye on at least one of them.

Finally, I bought a Brine Prophecy.  I’m not really sure why I did  that.  Maybe because I had used one back in the day and not hated it one bit.  Maybe it was the $24.99 price tag.  Maybe it was the fact that I could get the octopus fingers in orange.  I’m not 100% sure what compelled me to do it.  But the deed is done, and honestly, I’m excited.  Sure, the head is a little heavy, the rubber fingers serve little to no actual purpose and the head is 100% gimmick… but it’s a piece of lax history, just like all the legit Old School stuff, or a great Boathouse Jacket, so I had to pick one up.  I’m committed.  Or should be committed.  One of the two for sure.

Brine Prophecy fingers head lacrosse
Someone had to do it. What ball is that by the way?