LAS Sighting Matterhorn
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LAS Sightings: Brown U, The Matterhorn, and More!

As more and more fans join the Grow The Game movement, LAS sightings are starting to pop up everywhere. We absolutely love it!  Unfortunately for us, we aren’t everywhere so we need your help. We want ALL OF YOU to send in your LAS sightings so we can show them off to the world!

Here are a few sweet LAS sightings that were recently sent to us…

lars tiffany reading las
Spotted: Coach Lars Tiffany of Brown reading LAS on the bike!

Coach Tiffany asks a lot of his players, and he leads by example too! Reading LAS and staying in shape. Love it.

LAS Sighting Matterhorn
Spotted: Cassie Brunelle sticking an LAS sticker on the Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland
lacrosse bike brooklyn
Spotted: Even bike enthusiasts in Brooklyn are Growing The Game!
LAS Sighting
Spotted: Jake Buss repping his Team Lax All Stars uniform in Boise, Idaho!
lacrosse water bottle LAS
Spotted: GTG sighting in the Orlando Airport!
LAS Sighting
Spotted: Andrew Ratzke growing the game in Arizona
LAS Sighting NYC Auto Show
Spotted: Matt Viscardi putting in a good word for LAS at the NYC Auto Show


LAS Sighting in Seattle
Spotted: Youth Laxers in Seattle rocking LAS

CLICK HERE for our full album on the LAS Facebook Page!Grand Island lacrosse Helmets

Got an LAS Sighting to share? Hit up the LAS Tipline, put it on our Facebook page, or tweet it at us with the hashtag #LASsightings.

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