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LAS Weekend Update

Lax All Stars Weekend Update

Weekend Update #3 and we’re into the swing of things. Content, content, and more content. And good content, at that. From dropping new lids and photos from 1975 to international lax videos and a tribute to Con Bro Chill, the LAS Network was on fire this week. If you didn’t come across something you enjoyed, let me know because from where I’m sitting I’m dripping sweat due to all the heat.

That said, let’s jump in and take a look at the top ten posts of the week from across the LAS Network.

Top 10 Posts Of The Week

1. New Oregon Lacrosse Lids? | Lax All Stars

2. Sweet Sweet Sunday, Secret Warrior Lacrosse Edition | Lax All Stars

3. Impromptu Night Off | 412 Lax

4. StrikerDanger drops BEARS shorts |

5. A Collection of Questionable Decisions | 412 Lax

6. Breaking News Out Of Canada: Junior Traded?!?! | Lax All Stars

7. Growing The Program: University of Arizona | MCLA Fan

8. Show LAS Your Old School: My Pride And Joy, 1975 | Lax All Stars

9. Video: Watch Rangers’ Del Zotto smash camera lens with shot | Spoon Feed

10. Under Armour’s new Micro G Black Ice sneakers |

What To Watch This Weekend

If you don’t keep tabs on Drofdarb Sports, it’s about time you do. The Triple Dub has become my go-to for figuring out what games to watch each weekend. Up this weekend:

Tottenham Hotspur (4-3-2) @ Manchester United (4-5-0)
(Old Trafford – Manchester, England) 12:30 PM ET – FSC

#6 Missouri (7-0) @ #14 Nebraska (6-1)
(Memorial Stadium – Lincoln, NE) 3:30 PM ET – ABC/ESPN

#2 Oregon (8-0) @ USC (5-2)
(Los Angeles Memorial Stadium – Los Angeles, CA) 8:00 PM ET – ABC

Nashville Predators (5-1-3) @ Detroit Red Wings (5-2-1)
(Joe Louis Arena – Detroit. MI) 7:00 PM ET – Fox Detroit

Houston Texans (4-2) @ Indianapolis Colts (4-2)
(Lucas Oil Stadium – Indianapolis, IN) 8:30 PM ET – ESPN

Put It In A Glass Case

We’ll have a new advertisement or two up and running on Monday, November 1st. If you’re down to win some solid memorabilia for your mantle, you’ll enjoy this new lineup.

Pinnies For The People

Speaking of winning, we’ve got a new contest running on Facebook. Enter here, and we’ll announce the winner when we reach the 6K mark.

Heroes In A Half Shell

The LAS team is spread all lacrosse the US, but if that weren’t the case we’d all be dressed like these guys on Sunday night:

And As Always…

If you want us to cover something special next week, let us know. We’ll do it in a heartbeat, because that’s what we’re here for. Just drop a line in the comments section below or send us a tip!

For LAS Weekend Update I’m Jeff Brunelle! Happy Halloween!