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LAS Weekend Update

Lax All Stars Weekend Update

Wow, where to begin? I took a couple weeks off from Weekend Updates (a trip to Sun Valley with the girlfriend, Thanksgiving family time, catching up on a little sleep) and all the sudden things are different. In a good way.


First, there’s some changes. You see that LAX NETWORK icon at the top right of your screen?

Scroll your mouse over that and you’ll get access to all the sites on the Lax Network (formerly known as the LAS Network). There are 6 sites running on the Network right now – LAS, 412, Sweet Sweet Lax, MCLA Fan, Spoon Feed & Drofdarb – and we’re adding 2 more this upcoming week. One of them you already know about if you paid close attention to last week’s Hot Pot posts.

In terms of what you see, that’s the biggest visual change and hopefully it’s useful. We also updated 412 and added Spoon Feed and Drofdarb to permanent spots on the network. As for the other big changes, they’re all behind the scenes… the biggest being we upgraded our entire infrastructure during the scheduled maintenance last weekend. 2011 here we come.

If You Build It, They Will Come

With the technical changes in place, we’re getting ourselves ready to take the 2011 season by the horns. As we start to plan, we would also like to reiterate that we always have the doors wide open for our readers. We welcome you to get as involved as you’d like to be.

Here are few opportunities for you to consider:

– Send us a tip when you have something you want us to cover.
– Comment
on posts and spill your opinion daily. It’s OK if you don’t agree with us!
– Submit your photos
as candidates for the Old School and Photo of the Week series.
– Pass out stickers in your local community. Contact us and we’ll send them right away.
– Contribute weekly, bi-weekly or monthly by covering lax in your neighborhood, city or region.
– Start your own blog on the newly formed Lax Network.
– Sponsor us or advertise with us if you’re a business owner and you like what we do.

Hit us up anytime. We’re all ears.

Top 10 Posts Of The Week

This brings us to content, and things have changed here too. Lately we’ve had better content, and more of it! From breaking news and interviews with the most interesting people in the sport to step-by-step stringing tutorials and hypothetical glove design sessions, the contributors at LAS alone have been killing it. And I haven’t even mentioned the awesome stuff coming from 412 Lax or Sweet Sweet Lax, or the new and improved Spoon Feed yet!

Here’s this week’s Lax Network Top 10:

1. MCLA Lacrosse Gallery: Best Of The West 2010 | Lax All Stars

2. Reebok Lacrosse NLL Gloves for 2011!!! | Sweet Sweet Lax

3. Open Post: Hosted by Arnaud Redon | 412 Lax

4. Jim Halpert Brings His Lacrosse Stick To Work | Lax All Stars

5. NYC Box Lacrosse Has Arrived! | Lax All Stars

6. If Maverik Lacrosse Ruled The World | Lax All Stars

7. STX Brings The Shock And Awe | 412 Lax

8. CONTEST: Help CVLC Pick A New Uniform | Lax All Stars

9. MLL Growth | 412 Lax

10. Seeing Red | 412 Lax

Growing The Game

I think I speak for everyone here at LAS, when I say we love getting Grow The Game photos sent to us. To all of you who have supported the cause over the past month, we are forever thankful. It’s been a great thing to be a part of, and the only reason it’s worked is because of awesome readers who have helped spread the word.

Here’s a list of the 10 programs most recently supported by a GTG t-shirt purchase:

– Portland State Lacrosse (Portland, OR)
– Ballard High School Boys Lacrosse (Seattle, WA)
– Frisco Lacrosse Association (Frisco, TX)
– Bishop Kelly Lacrosse (Boise, ID)
– Lax Academy (Mayfield, Ohio)
– Dutchtown Lacrosse Program (Prarieville, LA)
– Mens Lacrosse at UC Irvine (Irvine, CA)
– Boise State Mens Lacrosse (Boise, ID)
– Maplewood Lacrosse Club (Maplewood, NJ)
– Wilmington Wings Lacrosse Club (Wilmington, DE)

This has been a very fun and meaningful campaign, and we are planning to continue t-shirt sales throughout 2011. However, after Dec. 15th, we will be limiting the donation selection process. The shirts will remain at $15, and $5 of that will still directly support a program, but it will not be the customer’s personal choice. Over the next few days, we will be selecting 1 or 2 different charitable programs to donate the proceeds to each month.

So, if you want a GTG shirt AND you want to support your own personal lax program, make sure to buy your shirt within the next few days!

Note: This will NOT effect bulk GTG t-shirt orders. We are still offering those to any lacrosse program and only charging what it costs to get them made.

And As Always…

If you want us to cover something special next week, let us know. We’ll do it in a heartbeat, because that’s what we’re here for. Just drop a line in the comments section below or send us a tip!

For LAS Weekend Update I’m Jeff Brunelle! Good night!