LASNAI LaxAllStars North American Invitational 2017, Onondaga, NY, USA, photo Ondøej Mika
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LASNAI: The Sights and Sounds – Video, Photos, Recaps + More!

We hope you were with us for the 2017 LaxAllStars North American Invitational (LASNAI) held at the end of last month at the Onondaga Nation. Year two absolutely blew us away, in every aspect. We grew the event by nine teams, joined forces with the Wooden Stick Festival, and welcomed hundreds more lacrosse fans to the Nation for three days of pure lacrosse celebration.

Players from all over the world made their way to Central New York for this year’s event. Not only did the Czech Republic’s LCC Custodes make the trip for the second year, along with guys currently living in Israel, but North American players congregated from over 16 states, 4 provinces, and 6 Haudenosaunee Nations. Guys trekked in from Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, Missouri, and a handful of other corners of the US that are far from driving distance.

While some athletes competed in their first ever box lacrosse games, various NLL all-stars were suiting up for a pre-training camp workout. The best part was having a drastic contrast in experience, playing in the same event, for the same trophy.

We’ll ask again, where else in the world can average Joes face-off against the most elite of pros?

On the spectator side, iconic field lacrosse figures like Roy Simmons Jr., Scott Marr, Bill Daye, and Andy Shay stopped by to check out what all of the commotion was about. Hundreds of youth flocked to the Nation for the Thompson Brothers Lacrosse x Nike N7 lacrosse camp and stayed for the action. Folks from First Nations all over North America were on hand, selling crafts and artwork, and dropping by the boxes to keep tabs on the games.

All of this came together for one brilliant weekend of celebration and camaraderie. Folks got the chance to see old friends, but more importantly, hundreds, if not thousands, of new friendships were forged at LASNAI.

We want to keep paying tribute to a weekend that changed the way many approach the game of lacrosse. Whether it was through new box skills, an appreciation for wooden lacrosse sticks, an understanding of different cultures, or a new mentality for approaching tournaments, people brought change and experience back to the corners of the globe they came from.

So let’s keep celebrating. We’ve collected all of the photos, video, and content we could find that was focused on the weekend. If you were there, you’ve got to be in here somewhere! If not, welcome to a thousand more reasons why you need to join us in 2018.

LASNAI Video Explosion

Watch all the rest of the 2017 LASNAI games from inside the Fieldhouse via the LaxAllStars YouTube page!

LASNAI Photography

Jeff Melnik / Conquest Photos

Ondrej Mika / LCC Radotin

There are dozens of more incredible photos from Ondrej Mika available for viewing on the LCC Radotin Flickr.

Crosse Clicks

Full event recap, stats and fixtures can be viewed here!

Author’s Note: We want to encourage anyone that captured video, photos, or put their thoughts into words about LASNAI to share your work with us! This was a community focused weekend and we want to keep that going by sharing the event from your perspective!