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LASNAI: Team No. 10 Announced!

Team number 10 for the North American Invitational is big for two reasons: 1) it’s the first time this team is ever playing together officially, and 2) the talent level and name recognition on this squad is absolutely off the charts. We don’t mean ANY disrespect to any of our other teams, but when it comes to name recognition with your average lacrosse fan, it’s really hard to compete with:

Thompson Brothers Lacrosse!

Before you ask if this is a team sponsored by the Thompsons, or if it’s a team that features the Thompsons, let me provide you with an answer – It’s BOTH.

thompson brothers lacrosse

That’s right, Thompson Brothers Lacrosse is putting a team together featuring the Thompson Brothers, Bill O’Brien, and an all-star cast of amazing players, friends, and teammates. We’re hearing about a couple other big names coming as well, which will be unreal! When I talked to these guys about entering a team, TBL was all about one thing:

The Thompsons want to democratize lacrosse.

When Thompson Brothers Lacrosse heard an LAS tourney was coming to Onondaga, they couldn’t miss the opportunity to share medicine with other men’s teams from all over the world. Lacrosse is a medicine to TBL, and it is a medicine that is meant to be shared, which makes this whole event that much more important!

TBL wants community, and a chance for an unknown player to play in the same tournament as an established pro. They want players from different regions and areas to play against, and with, each other. It’s a beautiful thing, and it’s what we wanted too when we first envisioned the LASNAI.

It’s kind of like this, but only for box lacrosse!

We want this event to be high level, but we also want it to be “open to challengers”, if you will. The Thompsons have more than bought into this idea… they came up with it on their own by forming this elite team. Coming together for this event only made sense given the tourney’s theme, the location, and the fortuitous timing. Some things are just meant to be.

TBL will join the list below for our first annual edition of this event, with four more 3 more teams still to come!

  1. LCC Radotín – Czech Republic national champions
  2. Vermont Voyageurs – the best Sr B team in the US
  3. Nova Scotia Privateers – representing the Eastern Canadian provinces
  4. GoldStar Tel Aviv – Israel’s best
  5. Brooklyn Dodgers – 2x defending NYC champions
  6. Onondaga Redhawks – the “home” team, Can-AM champions
  7. Team Jamaica – yes, you read that correctly!
  8. Uncommon Fit LaserSharks – Americans with experience
  9. House Team – come play with us!

Thompson Brothers Lacrosse will put on a show. If they bring in a truly out of this world roster, they become the heavy favorites amongst many, but that’s why you play the games, right?!?! The fact that the Thompsons will take us on, and play ANYONE, speaks volumes about their pure intentions for the game we all love so much.

We’re ecstatic to have TBL playing, and thankful that, the LASNAI, and Thompson Brothers Lacrosse all share a common dream. On September 29th, we make it a reality!