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LASNAI: Team No. 6 Announced!

We are proud to announce Team No. 6 for the upcoming North American Invitational (LASNAI), not only because it’s an awesome team, but also because they are the “de facto” home team! While Scott Neiss and I are running the tourney, we’re hosting it in Onondaga, and that means Team No. 6 is…

The Onondaga Redhawks!


(Read more about the LASNAI and our other announced teams HERE: Team No. 1,  Team No. 2,  Team No. 3,  Team No. 4, AND Team No. 5!)

The Onondaga Redhawks are the men’s Senior B team for the Onondaga Athletic Club, or OAC. You can learn more about the OAC here, but basically, it is a community-based organization that focuses on the positive attributes that athletics can offer. It’s an all ages club, and the Redhawks are the top level of the OAC’s athletic offerings. It’s serious, important to the community, and creates a strong atmosphere of service and giving back.

The Redhawks play in the Can-Am League each Summer, and this is really excellent lacrosse. While Onondaga is often competing for a Can-Am title, they are also a couple hours drive removed from many of the other teams in the league, which makes their strength and ability all the more impressive. Over the last decade, the Redhawks have won 7 Can-Am titles, and gone on to win President’s Cup titles in 2010 and 2014.


LeRoy Halftown should be a focal point on offense for OAC, but he’s not alone as OAC has a number of talented Bucktooth and Bennett family members on their historic rosters as well! Depending on the final OAC roster we could see some crazy good lacrosse from the Redhawks! It also helps to have great goaltending, and Edmund Cathers and Roscoe Bucktooth are more than up to the task.

Brian Phillips will be the head coach for Onondaga, and he’s sure to have the Redhawks ready to roll.


I’m personally very excited to have OAC playing in our tourney, I thank them sincerely for their support and attendance. Having the “home team” come out and play is huge, and given the talent OAC has access to, it will only make this event that much better!

Learn more about the LASNAI here, get involved, and help change the box game for the better.

Grow The Game… in all its forms!