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Bombers Vs LaserSharks
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LASNAI: Team No. 8 Announced!

We are thrilled to announce team number 8 for the North American Invitational (LASNAI), and not only is this team a great collection of talent, but their sponsor is also a tourney sponsor! I’m talking about the:

Uncommon Fit LaserSharks!

The LaserSharks are the brainchild of Uncommon Fit’s PJ Martin. PJ has a long history of running, organizing, playing for, and coaching in all sorts of lacrosse programs, and he also runs an awesome apparel company in Uncommon Fit. Creating a sponsored box lacrosse team seemed like a natural fit since PJ is a big box believer, and the team already has a couple of games under its belt.

If you’re wondering where they got the name, it’s from a song by Savant called… Laser Sharks.

Yup, that’s a real thing.

They played their first game ever down in Baltimore on the US Lacrosse Convention weekend a couple years back, and have only gotten better since then. The team is now managed by PJ and Jamie Plunkett, and they’re looking strong for this tournament!

I’m not invited to play for them anymore, so you know they’ve gotten better!

The team will be made up of guys with plenty of box experience for this tournament, and this will likely be their strongest team yet… which is good because the talent at the LASNAI is going to be high! With guys like Erik Turner, Anthony Terranova, Dave Deriso, Kevin Galbraith, Bruce Pirie, James Fey, Erik Holt, and a bunch of other ballers, the LaserSharks will definitely make some noise.

In case you needed reminding, here are the other 7 teams that have already been announced:

  1. LCC Radotín – Czech Republic national champions
  2. Vermont Voyageurs – the best Sr B team in the US
  3. Nova Scotia Privateers – representing the Eastern Canadian provinces
  4. GoldStar Tel Aviv – Israel’s best
  5. Brooklyn Dodgers – 2x defending NYC champions
  6. Onondaga Redhawks – the “home” team, Can-AM champions
  7. Team Jamaica – yes, you read that correctly!
  8. Uncommon Fit LaserSharks – Our newest announcement!

So back to the UcFit LaserSharks! #AimFireChomp, right?

These guys are a lot of the northeastern/mid-atlantic US “box guys” who don’t play for Vermont. Many are based out of NY, NJ, PA, and MD. Some have seen time in the NLL, others are all-stars in local leagues, and some play for national teams abroad. Most guys come from a field background, but many have been playing box for decades as well. They’ll be tough on draws, athletic, and well-versed in the ins and outs of the box game.

A lot of these guys have also played in the Ales Hrebesky Memorial, so they know LCC Radotín and Nova Scotia well. There will be familiarity, and shooters. The LaserSharks always have shooters and athletes. Watch out for this American team, they’ll look to bring the pain!

Baltimore Bombers vs UnCommon Fit LaserSharks Box Lacrosse Exhibition Baltimore Maryland

On the sponsorship side, we’re equally excited to have Uncommon Fit on board as our apparel sponsor. They will be designing, creating and on tournament weekend, selling tournament T-shirts for the full 3 days. They will also have other tourney apparel, their custom team apparel and jerseys, and samples of team uniforms they produce, along with stickers and lots of other good stuff. On top of that, they are making tourney staff polos, and all the referee shirts, as well as the jerseys for the House Team! It’s a big deal!


If you want to play for the House Team (there are limited spaces still open!), email

If you’re looking for great box jerseys at a great price, hit up Uncommon Fit ASAP. This goes for tourney teams and anyone else looking for uniforms. They do truly fantastic work from design to construction. Used ’em before, I’ll use ’em again!

We’re thrilled to have the Uncommon Fit LaserSharks playing in our tourney, and we’re pumped they’re making the apparel for all of the players and fans. It’s going to be soft, stylish, and something you’ll wear for years. Maybe the LaserSharks will even take the title? We’ll have to wait for the games on that one though!