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LASNAI: Team No. 9 Announced!

The LASNAI is entering its final stages of prep, so that means we’re announcing our final teams, and getting ready to hit everyone with the general schedule of games. Once all the teams are announced (a BIG one comes later today!), and the general schedule has been announced (look for that post this week!), we will randomly draw the teams into pools for round-robin games, and everyone will know their match ups for day 1!

In the meantime, we’ll continue announcing teams, and this one is close to my heart, because it’s the… House Team!

We realized that some clubs simply wouldn’t be coming to this year’s tourney, but we didn’t want to exclude anyone from playing, so we created a “house team” for individuals and small groups of players. We lined up unreal official tournament uniforms (jerseys AND shorts!) from Uncommon Fit, and players started pouring in. If you need box jerseys, reach out to the UcFit crew, they do awesome work!


We do still have a couple of last minute spots left, so if you want in over a couple of guys who are “maybes” right now, jump on the chance!

We have some guys lined up for this squad who are NOT maybes, and they are good players. It’s going to be awesome! David Mather, goalie for Team USA is running with us, and so is LAS’ own Mark Donahue!

Remember this David Mather save? Yeah, me too:

Justin Otto of LaxChat (a tourney sponsor as well!) is playing with our squad, and so is Jamie Ireland and a couple of other Rochester/Syracuse locals. It’s gonna be a LOT of fun, and we’re all excited to hit the floor! Am I hinting that I might play a little? Only if we’re up, or down, by a lot. I’m not very good, but I’ll be there cheering you guys on, and maybe embarrassing myself a little too. That’s always an added bonus.

If you want to join the House Team, email me at and we’ll get you on board. You want to be involved in this tourney, and our team is your chance to play up with the big boys, in an unreal location!

In case you needed reminding, here are the other 8 teams that have already been announced:

Yeah, this is going to be awesome!

Teams 10, 11, and 12 will be announced in the coming days (team no. 10 comes out today!), as will a MASSIVE tournament update post with schedules, rules, sponsor info, and much, much more!