Frog Lacrosse
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Frog Lacrosse – Lax Fed Club Spotlight

frog lacrosseName: Frog Lacrosse
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Founded: 2014
Focus: K-12, Boys/Girls – Travel/Development
Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Quickly established as one of Minnesota’s most well-rounded lacrosse programs, founder Cory Childs has taken his group known as Frog Lacrosse to impressive heights in just four summers. We’d call them “short” summers, but the hours that Childs and his team of coaches are putting in are all but. Childs has been running club programs since 2006 and it didn’t take him long to recognize that the south metro of Minneapolis was being neglected.

The problem: the area needed an accessible regional travel program that offered quality and affordable lacrosse training.

The solution: Frog Lacrosse

Childs got to work assembling a staff that is fully engrained in the community. If he was going to service the south metro area, he was going to need coaches already there. Frog is proud to boast about their roster of coaches that are not only tightly connected to several youth and high school associations, but to the neighborhoods as well.

Frog Lacrosse Lax Federation

While progress has been made to develop lacrosse on the south side of the city, Frog has had the same focus on creating progress off the field. Last year, the group used a team-building exercise to strengthen their bond to the community. Players and coaches grew together while tying plastic shopping bags from groceries stores together to make sleeping bags for the homeless shelter.

The organization refuses to let these efforts become one-off notions. Over the next five years, their goal is to continue to separate from the pack through a coaching and organization standpoint. Their focus is on culture and retention. The idea is to limit “team growth” and focus on recruiting and retaining the best players for the program.

Frog Lacrosse Lax Federation

Growing numbers show Frog Lacrosse has had increased interest every year, so the goal has now pivoted toward becoming the most selective travel program in Minnesota, all while offering development opportunities to passionate lacrosse players looking to improve their game. Anyone willing to work hard and sacrifice for the community has a place in Frog Lacrosse. The group wants to maintain a reputation of offering the right programs for players from all degrees of development.

The hardest task? Childs and his team want to make sure they stay true to the model. For them, it’s important to block out the noise and to not get sucked into growth opportunities. They believe if they focus on maintaining and improving the current culture at Frog Lacrosse, all will fall into place.

“This might sound cheesy, but the only thing that matters is the player and family experience. If people are enjoying our program and seeing results, then the rest will take care of itself.” – Cory Childs, Founder

Their stay-true model has been paying off so far, so there’s no need to stray. They must be doing something right, because the victories are coming and the players are sticking around for what’s next. In 2018 alone, they’ve earned the glory as Legends National Cup, Blue Ox Invitational, Boundary Water Classic, Madison Capital Classic, and Boomtown Classic champions. Not a bad resume for their fourth summer in the game.

Frog Lacrosse Lax Federation

Regardless of wins and losses, Frog sees their biggest accomplishment as having 99% of the players in the program re-sign up for evaluations. It’s clear proof that the families and players have bought into what Frog Lacrosse is doing. They have a choice on where to spend their money on lacrosse development. They continue to choose Frog Lacrosse.