Lax Link-O-Rama

Sure, it’s Bowl week/season and the sports world is dominated by college football, but for those of you that only love lax or just need a breather from all the foosball – the Lax Link-O-Rama is here for you.

Jac Coyne over at Lacrosse Magazine dives head first into the D3 men’s 2010 pool.  Traditional gripes, new gripes, a love-hate relationship with the NESCAC… everything you expect from D3 preseason “think” pieces.

More lax on TV? I’ll take it.

More lax on TV in Florida?  Doesn’t really help me, but I won’t kick it out of bed.  2 games?  It’s something.  I’m grasping at straws here.  I wish Versus or ESPN2 would carry NLL games, even if some people think the NLL is silly.  I actually like the indoor game, but some field purists hate it and we all know what leads to hate… fear.  It really is a different game, but it’s got a lot to offer if you give it an honest chance.

You know why there’s more lax on TV?  Because guys like this keep spreading the game in new places.

Of course, there are also guys out there spreading the game beyond our own borders.  Things like that can be really hard to pull off effectively, but we love the effort and we wish those Scranton boys the best.

And if that isn’t enough, I get the feeling lacrosse is going to start popping up in Armenia next.  Why?  Because Mouradian gets. it. done.  I’ve always had a lot of doubt that lacrosse could ever be an Olympic sport in my lifetime because of the required number of countries that sponsor the sport, but the game is spreading much faster than I used to think it could.  Finally everyone is learning.

Remember when I told you the best coach in the world right now is Kelly Amonte-Hiller at Northwestern?  Yeah, I was right.  They beat a baseball team.  In Chicago.  What’s up now, baseball?

There’s been a ton of college gear pics floating around and LPG has pretty much all of them.  Really only STX stuff so far.  The other companies must be really timing their reveals.  Or they have no online presence.  Your call.  Marlyand’s is the best.  Duh.  Not duh because they always have the best, but because this year they nailed it.  Perfection in a glove.  Hopkins and Cuse look good but nothing special.  OSU did well with the silver. Navy is keeping it real as usual.  Love that.

I’m off for a vacation. If I’m not back in 3 days, just keep waiting.

Oh, and share some of your 20X (that’s the cool new way to say 2010 according to KMac) predictions in the comments section. I got a feeling this is gunna be a big year.


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