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Lax Link-O-Rama

As usual, LAS is pleased to serve up the Lax Nation with a heaping pile of links every glorious Saturday… Read on for some of the best that this amazing thing called the “internet” has to offer.

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As usual, LAS is pleased to serve up the Lax Nation with a heaping pile of links every glorious Saturday. Read on for some of the best that this amazing thing called the “internet” has to offer.

Here is a video of the beginnings of a Polish National Lacrosse Team. The enthusiasm is high and the jerseys are kind of sweet even if the stick skills aren’t the sharpest.  The guys can catch and pass and cradle but slicing the onion or ripping the duck? not so much…

After starting with newbies, our next stop is with the real keepers of the game: The Iroquois Nationals. They took on the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame in a fall scrimmage and the action was at least a couple steps up from the display the Poles put on. Some notes on the video:  ND jerseys make them look like a HS team. However, the all gold helmets are dope.  Scott Rodgers (ND Keeper) David Earl (ND) Nick Beattie (ND), Drew/Brett Bucktooth (Iroquois) are all nasty in the video.  Rodgers is a beast and the Bucktooths can straight up ball.

Check out some pictures from the Catamount Classic up in Vermont.  Siena has new Gait helmets that are MUCH better than the old Identity Helmets and Siena made a ballsy move by going with ALL YELLOW.  I like it.  Holy Cross has simple yet sweet reversibles.  Albany also has Black helmets with Purple trim and they went with Cascade… HUGE improvement and UAlbany is looking good.

Lemoyne-England pictures can also be found at the link above and I must say, Brine helmets with contrasting Visors and Chins are still Ugly as hell.  Loyola looks much better with the mostly white helmet.

There are also a TON of Brown UNC pics from their scrimmage in San Fran from earlier this fall.

Iroquois Keeper (photo via of
Iroquois Keeper (photo via of

There are also some Iroquois- Hobart pics and even more can be found here. – The Iroquois have sick all black helmets with yellow trim.  The older black, yellow and purple looked good but the all black is much better.

Quick hits:

Maverik has a tshirt contest on and I know someone out there in LAS’ville can do better than what they have so far.

NLL all star highlights from Melbourne Australia.  Geoff Snider got a bee in his bonnet and then fought someone. No way!

Quint did some mythbusting… now someone has to do some fact checking.

Denver vs… Denver.

NCAA lax in Indiana gets a BIG OL’ boost with this hire.

The MCLA-NCAA Div 3 debate rages on! Well maybe not “rages”.  The MCLA-NCAA Div 3 debate slowly progresses on.

Princeton dudes wear penny loafers, play lax and love DJ-ing. Wait, what?

So basically, you’re telling me Ned Crotty is the man?  Ok, now I know.

Simon Fraser takes a tough schedule approach.  I like it!

Speaking of our Norther neighbors, the Canadian Merrill brothers love lax. I guess that is what happens when lacrosse is actually your national sport.  Doesn’t seem to be hurting us stateside but I think we can only make that claim if the US brings home the ILF Championship in 2010.  If the Canadians weren’t before, they might be pumped after reading this.

Get to know US National Team hopeful Brendan Mundorf a little better.

Tierney is gone at Princeton, so check out how the team is looking under new head coach Chris Bates.  All white Princeton helmets? Almost as ugly as team USA’s!  Look for them to take the Siena approach with new Warrior helmets in the spring.  Middie Scott MacKenzie (expect him to draw the pole a lot this spring), the McBride cousins at attack and goalie Tyler Fiorito looked really solid.  Forest Sonnenfeldt put in a bunch of goals (against backups) but he reminds me of a Yeatman/Catalino kind of player who relies on his size too much, is a little slow and is pretty easily contained by a strong, fast pole.

Loyola didn’t get smoked the whole time and their scrimmage highlights are here.  Is it just me or do most of the greyhounds look pretty small?

Lax tourney in Slovakia? Don’t mind if I do!

Maybe THIS is why our govt struggles so greatly at times: Anti-lax agenda? To use an NFL parlance… Come on, MAN!

And finally, no lax growth? WTF?  Michigan’s John Paul weighs in on the recent WSJ article.

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