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Lax Link-O-Rama


It’s Saturday, which is my favorite day of the week for reasons twofold…

1) I am not wearing a suit and working my regular job

2) The Lax Link-O-Rama

I mean, who doesn’t love freedom and a sweet pile of lax links?  Although many people maintain that December is the deadest lacrosse month, LAS has been dropping constant knowledge on you so just imagine what it will be like during the warmer months! I have one word for you: EPIC.

Matt Danowski never got to play a game in the NLL for Orlando.  The weather is great there so we kind of feel for him but his new team, Rochester, is so much closer to home that we think it will be a really good fit.  Dino will be able to learn a ton as well because the Knighthawks also resigned John Grant, Jr., and there really isn’t a better lacrosse player out there (especially in the NLL) than Junior.

Did I mention Gary Gait will also play for Rochester in 2010 and that the team will be coached by Paul Gait?  Oh, I didn’t?  Well now you know why Dino may become the best American the NLL has ever seen… he’ll be learning the finer points of the indoor game from 3 of the best Canadians of all time!  Not a bad way to kick off your career!

Here at LAS, we’ve been talking about dye jobs and stringing a bit.  To further help you out on your quest to become a true stick doctor, has provided video tutorials that show you two (1, 2) ways to string a top string, as well as the double sidewall.  I always preferred a single sidewall and don’t like to use as much top string (one loop per big hole and I’m good!), but to each their own.  If you’ve never strung a stick before now is the time to learn. Get on it.

John Jiloty of Inside Lacrosse brings us a post on what a day with Brodie Merrill, Mark Steenhuis and Dan Dawson is like… and now I want to hang out with them.  Sorry, now I want to hang ooooot with them.  You know, because they’re Canadian.  You can also find some interesting interviews with the NLL stars.  Unfortunately, there is also a little bit of this, but whatever.  I’ll let it slide for now and do another grumpy old man post some other day.

The HC at Mount St. Mary’s has gone through an unbelievable ordeal with his Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and IL has a great piece on how it affected him, his team and his outlook on life and lacrosse.  Well worth the read… just make sure to have tissues handy.  We here at LAS are really glad to hear Gravante is doing well and is keepin’ on keepin’ on!  Good luck this spring, MSM!

LPG drops some serious arm pad action on you… I find it funny how Mikey Powell still basically has his own lacrosse line even though the only thing he plays anymore is a guitar.  There are also a ton of clothing items on their site so check it out to fill in any last minute holes in your Christmas gift lists.

In other, unlinkable, unsubstantiated news, rumor and innuendo:

Warrior may be making a Chrome version of their new Trojan helmet.  Is there really a market for custom helmets?  I guess we’ll see!  Notre Dame might even be the team that rocks the new look on the visor and chin pieces.  Totally unsubstantiated though.

Stevenson University (MD) will wear clear Cascades in the NCAA tournament if they win the CAC? Really?  Interesting. Will go well with Cantabene’s construction boots on the sidelines.

As usual, you can always go back through the LAS pages and find the best lacrosse commentary and news out there including stick giveaways, Connor Martin tomfoolery, breaking news and MCLA coverage you won’t find anywhere else.  If we don’t write it and it’s good, we link to it.  Why?  Because we’re in it for the fans and the game… and because we just love lax.

About the Author:
After helping to start the program at Weston HS in Massachusetts, Connor Wilson went on to play at Wesleyan University. Post-graduation, Wilson stayed on and coached at Wesleyan for 2 years. He has also played in Australia and in the A.L.L. Currently, Wilson plays for the Southampton Lacrosse Club in NYC and enjoys dyeing lacrosse sticks, eating breakfast sandwiches, checking out new lax gear and having a really pretentious bio on LAS. Contact him at