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Lax Out Loud: B.O.M.B. Drill

Lax Out Loud: B.O.M.B. Drill

This new episode of Lax Out Loud features Denver Outlaws midfielder Drew Snider teaching offensive movement and communication through the B.O.M.B. Drill.

Editor’s note: Thanks for checking out the latest installment of Lax Out Loud,’s newest educational series made possible by the fine folks at SISU Guard. Drew Snider stresses the importance of flawless communication while dodging, passing and looking for the open shot through the B.O.M.B. Drill!

[mks_separator style=”solid” height=”2″] [mks_dropcap style=”rounded” size=”52″ bg_color=”#0c7578″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]B[/mks_dropcap]O.M.B. Drill is a personal favorite of Denver Outlaws and Team USA midfielder Drew Snider. The drill incorporates countless important offensive communication points and movements necessary for success. Why B.O.M.B.? We knew you’d ask…

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Basic Offensive Movement to Backside

What does the B.O.M.B. Drill teach us? Just the basics and the intricacies of dodging, feeding, rolling away from pressure, finding the open man, following a pass, talking and so much more!

An introduction to ‘B.O.M.B. Drill’

Drew Snider doesn’t score goals by accident. Not only does he need a pinpoint accurate shot, Drew needs to communicate with his teammates, hustle to the where he needs to be!

2014 MLL Championship Game Denver Outlaws vs. Rochester Rattlers
Putting in work!

The “B.O.M.B. Drill” is for everyone, attackmen, middies, heck, even poles should hop in and take a few runs. This drill is crucial for teaching players to keep their heads up, feet moving and mouths talking, now let’s break it down!

Start with an open net so everyone can get the feel for the drill. Pay attention, coaches, to passing accuracy, quality dodges and proper timing. If it’s not running smoothly at first, slow it down, enforce the basics and focus on communication.

Feet need to stay moving throughout the drill to best prepare you for a real scenario. It’s a simple pass from a middie to an attackman followed by a dodge down the alley. Then he rolls, hits the (now open) middie who can’t miss the one-more look, ending in a snipe from the backside. Textbook.

“B.O.M.B. Drill” requires perfect verbal communication in order to have all of the key components for scoring goals when it comes down to the wire. Talking on both sides of the ball is equally important and for an offense in motion, everyone needs to know when to FOLLOW and who is HELP.

Key Requirements

Gear: Mouth Guard, Game Shoes, 7 Cones, Stick, Pads (Optional)
Time: +/- 10 Minutes
Members: 3+ (3 Offensive Players, 1 Goalie (Optional)
Communication Points: Shouting “follow” “help” and “one more”

Get Started

  • To begin, Offense #1 makes a pass to Offense #2, then begins to creep laterally while O2 sprints to the first cone.
  • At the cone, O2 will pull-pass across his body or roll back to the second cone while O1 sprints to the middle cone yelling “Follow!”
  • Simultaneous with the pass being made to O1, Offense #3 is sprinting from the crease to his first cone.
  • Once the pass is caught by O1, O3 will be planted with time and room shouting “One More!”
  • O1 will catch the pass, turn and feed O3, who has his feet chopping and stick up.
  • O3 catches the pass with no more than one cradle and step before shooting on cage.

Use as many guys on your team as possible to run this drill. Since it is so close to an actual in-game scenario, long poles not only need to know how to feed a solid pass when they carry the ball downfield, but they need to know how to make themselves available for help while still on that side of the field.

Drew Snider New York Lizards vs Denver Outlaws Photo Credit Jeff Melnik
Sir, please don’t argue with Drew.

Goalies can hop in at anytime. If your shots are coming from the island, back up 5-7 yards to give the goalie a better chance of stopping the unprotected rip. Shot placement is key if your teammates are going to work this hard to create your shot.

You hear it every single time, but it’s recognize that everyone in the episode, including Drew, wore a mouth guard during the filming of the B.O.M.B. Drill. It’s required for us to wear our mouth guards the entire time we are on the field in games so there shouldn’t even be a second-thought when it comes to wearing them during practice too!

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We hope some of Drew’s knowledge rubbed off in this episode of Lax Out Loud! Chris O’Dougherty will be back next time around to teach us more Defensive Communication!

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