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Lax Out Loud: Snider Shuffle

Lax Out Loud: Snider Shuffle

Get your feet moving with Major League Lacrosse All-Star Drew Snider as he introduces a shuffle drill for improving communication and speed on the field!

Editor’s note: Welcome back to our new series Lax Out Loud,’s newest educational series made possible by the fine folks at SISU Guard. Today we’re focusing on keeping our mouths and feet moving at the same time!

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[mks_dropcap style=”rounded” size=”52″ bg_color=”#0c7578″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]R[/mks_dropcap]eady for a personal workout with Major League Lacrosse All-Star Drew Snider? This week we’re getting our feet moving with a shuffle drill that practices consistent communication while improving an athlete’s footwork and speed.

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It’s hard to keep communicating properly when you are tired. It’s important to master all the little details during practice so that your prepared when your opponent isn’t. When preparing for the MLL season, you can bet this Denver Outlaws midfielder is mastering the Snider Shuffle to bring his game up to speed.

Excellent communication during extreme fatigue is how Drew was able to let Justin Pennington know he was wide open to score the game winning goal in the 2014 Major League Lacrosse Championship. See for yourself:

The ‘Snider Shuffle’

Have you ever heard of a quiet championship-caliber lacrosse team? We sure haven’t, because those types of team don’t exist in our game. Drew Snider knows a little about what it takes to win some hardware, and you’re about to get an inside look at one of his favorite training techniques, which we’ve coined the “Snider Shuffle”.

The “Snider Shuffle” forces an athlete to shout out a command prior to moving from cone to cone. If the player doesn’t communicate, rhythm breaks and the drill becomes more grueling. Remembering the order of the cones is important, so the ability to make quick decisions and to react quickly during fatigue is amplified in this drill.

By implementing the shuffle into his lacrosse training routine, Drew brings together agility, speed and amplified communication to get heart-rates soaring. Starting as a basic change-in-direction drill, the Snider Shuffle requires players to hit the ground and get back to their feet quickly before hustling out to complete the clear.

The Snider Shuffle drill is intended to be used in-season or out of season. It can be used to start things out on the right foot at practice and to emphasis the importance of communication when things get tough.

Are you able to call out “cutters “when you’re tired? What about the “one more” call late in the 4th quarter? The Snider Shuffle was designed to help you dig down deep during those moments that truly count.  To complete today’s communication workout, you’re going to need a couple things:

Key Requirements

Gear: Mouth Guard, Game Shoes, 5 Cones, Lacrosse Stick (Optional), Lacrosse Pads (Optional)
Time: +/- 5 Minutes
Members: 2+ (1 Instructor, 1+ Athletes)
Communication Points: Shouting “One More” “I’m Hot” or “Clear”

Get Started

  • To begin, the instructor calls out 1 of 4 cone numbers and calls “GO.
  • The athlete sprints, shuffles or back pedals in the direction of the corresponding cone.
  • Once the athlete touches the cone, they are to immediate hustle back to the start.
  • At the start cone, the athlete will shout One More,” “I’m Hot” or “Clear.”
  • The instructor will now shout out a new number.
  • The athlete and instructor will repeat the process until 6+ reps have been completed.
Denver Outlaws 2014 MLL Championship game Drew Snider vs Rochester Rattlers
Drew digging deep in the MLL Championship!

If an instructor isn’t available, athletes can self govern their own drills. Groups of 3 are recommended so one athlete can rest while the other two are participating. Once everyone goes through 3-4 times, you can look to move on to a new drill.

It’s important to wear your mouth guards during the drill so that your mouth has just as much practice doing its job when the going gets tough. Everyone in the video, including Drew, wore a mouth guard during the filming of the Snider Shuffle. 

We feel that this is extremely important because players are required to wear them during the entire game – and what’s the point of practicing if you aren’t truly emulating game-play? The last thing a lacrosse player needs to do is forget his mouth guard when he steps off the bench and into theagame!

It’s okay to practice this drill in full pads or with light equipment. Just follow the tempo of the day and always be sure to wear your mouth guard!

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Hopefully you can take your communication to the next level with the help of Lax Out Loud! Chris O’Dougherty will be back later this month to do a little Table Talk! Stay tuned.

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