LaxAllSharks: Summer 2012 Beach Lacrosse Preview & More


The LaxAllSharks will be returning to Beach Lacrosse this year with one thing in mind… WINNING! The Sharks went 2-2 last year in their first ever tournament and vowed to return. Here we are, a year later putting the finishing touches on the team for this year’s tourney.


This year will include some new faces and sick new uniforms. We have also received a new sponsor, and they approached us looking to break into the Beach Lacrosse game and we gladly accepted. Want to know who that company is? Help us get to 100 ‘likes’ on Facebook and we’ll release our final uni mock-up. 150 ‘likes’ and we’ll show off our helmet. Get us to 200 ‘likes’ and we’ll give away a uniform from last year.



This year we’re looking to expand the team to at least one other tourney during the summer in New Jersey, so keep any eye out for updates on that. We’re hoping to use this team as a way to help Grow The Game in South Jersey, whether it’s through clinics, tourneys or youth elite teams.

The ultimate method has not been decided on yet, but the principle behind it all is simple: We want to Grow The Game and help provide the opportunities for athletes to learn and develop as players. Maybe we’ll even make an appearance as a team at one of the many Lax Evo South Jersey Lacrosse Camps. If you know anyone who might interested in helping us set-up a clinic or youth team, please leave your contact info in the comments.

So remember…

100 likes = Summer 2012 Uni reveal (Which company have we teamed up with?)
150 likes = Helmet mock-up
200 likes = Uni Giveaway (We have a shooter, game shorts and practice shorts left. We may give away one item or all 3, but we have to get the ‘likes’ first.)

Let us know what you think! What would you like to see us do in the future (clinics, tourneys, apparel sales, etc.)? Do you like our mission? Do you love or hate our unis? We want to hear all your feedback, so don’t hold back.

Our uniform this year is incredible , but you have to help us reach 100 ‘likes’ first. In the mean time, here are some of our uni mock-ups that won’t be produced this summer.

2012 Beach Lax Mock-up

2012 Beach Lax Mock-up

Check back often on our Facebook and right here on Lax All Stars for updates. Thanks for reading!

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Jimmy Ciccone is the Founder and Captain of Penn State Berks Lacrosse and expects to play for the club team at main campus next year. He also continues to grow the game in his home of South Jersey, where the game is just being established. He's just a South Jersey laxer taking it one step at a time.

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