LaxCon Photo Pic-tacular: Round 2

It was Saturday.

The crew got just a few hours of sleep no thanks to Peter’s pourhouse named after 412.

US Lacrosse National Convention

Learn, lead, inspire, wear sweatpants. Our guess is 50% of the pants at LaxCon were made of cotton. Sheer comfort.

US Lacrosse National Convention

Coaches made their way up the escalators for Day #2 of chalk talks.

US Lacrosse National Convention

Speaking of escalators, here's a shot of 412, that's 4-1-2, on Friday. So happy to be there!

412 even brought his own sleeping pad. Talk about dedication.

US Lacrosse National Convention

Jumbo Jack (AKA Rob) was the true All Star of the group all weekend long. Can you figure out which one of these handsome guys is Jumbo?

US Lacrosse National Convention Under Armour

If you chose this guy, you're wrong. That's a manikin of Paul Rabil w/ a haircut.

US Lacrosse National Convention auction

Some people laid lots o' scrilla down for some of these items. Bid Like A Champion Today.

@ConnorWilsonLAS couldn't join us on the trip, but we saved a seat at lunch for him anyway.

US Lacrosse National Convention wood sticks

Alf Jacques was there in all his glory. He told Craven to google him.

US Lacrosse National Convention

Feeling defeated, Crave road the wave over to College Lacrosse 2010.

US Lacrosse National Convention

Then he saw this and he was so excited you would have thought he chugged a 5-hour energy.

Some interviews are on the way. As you can see from this photo, Jumbo Jack & Crave spent Friday night writing out the plan of attack.

Stay tuned for more coverage from LaxCon 10

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